question Is it worth investing in a .WORK domain extension ?



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Impossible to answer whether or not it's worth investing in "a" domain, without knowing the name. There are many worthwhile investments, even with unpopular extensions. But they are limited, and far and few between. And some other factors to take into account, too.

Generally, with new Gtlds, the LLL and LLLL investing/liquidity rules are completely different, it is not like .com at all. In fact, its meaningless: is crap. is the bomb.

So, without knowing more details, looks like its unanimous, I'm with the rest.
Impossible to answer whether or not it's worth investing in "a" domain, without knowing the name.

Respectfully, I couldn't DISagree more ...I don't need to know the 'name' in order to know that the investment grade and financial viability of anything "" is effectively zero. Period. Full stop. End of discussion. No need to qualify my answer with any 'exceptions', 'caveats', 'disclaimers', 'maybe's' or 'possibly's'.
That said, I would concede that, per member "Biggie" above, I might get a fleeting, purely emotional charge (i.e., non financial) from the novelty of "" ....which is to say, just for $hits and giggles, I might be persuaded to cough-up a $100 just for the novelty associated with holding it. But my 'love affair' ends there ...literally with THAT one name.


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While we obviously make more on .com's, OF COURSE .work domains rock! Instead of trying to make thousands of times our $$ back, we're thrilled to make between 20 and 1,000x what we paid. Plus, in our first 2 yrs delving into .work domains, we find that more than a third of our buyers ... are repeat buyers, because they appreciate paying only a couple of hundred for most of them.

2) on a business card or resume or advertisement? Puh-leeze, that's also delicious because it follows a critical rule of any business url: MUST BE UNDERSTOOD by everyone who hears it on the phone or radio, right? "Hey, check out my site at!" lol: No way to misunderstand it.

3) All .com's are gone, or insanely priced. Every month that goes by, .work domains continue rising on search engines. ranks high on google for more than one keyphrase. is no more than a pdf, but directly generates sales for supercharged lasers. Please do NOT allow naysayers to slow you down.

4) Bottom line: Whatever gets YOU most excited is what you're most likely to get other people excited by. We have a few dozen 2-character and 3-character .work domains, such as 14k and 1l, and are confident they'll be profitable.

... as long as we remember that l.u.c.k. is acronymic for Laboring Under Correct Knowledge. Cheers!

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