Is it REALLY that important that the other TLD's are taken???

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  1. Mcpherson

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    I've read on here a few different times that people seem to not value a domain as much if the other TLD's (, etc.) aren't taken. While this would make sense when you think about the demand for the domain itself, it doesn't seem to hold up in many situations.

    I went through the last few pages of the Namepros completed sales thread and put all of the domains that were sold through a quick Godaddy search. In most cases the .net and .org TLD's were unregistered and still available. This is the case for many .com domains that have sold for thousands of dollars.

    So, is it really that important of a factor whether or not the other TLD's are registered when considering new domains to buy?
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  2. NYJimbo

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    No, it's just one of many factors in evaluating a domains worth. I've seen relatively worthless domains with 10 or more TLD's registered.

    Besides, many people will register .org, .net and other TLD's whe grabbing a .com, but that doesnt make it more valuable.
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  3. NamesAgent

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    No, it is not that important, as long as you have the .com. IMO that only matters if you are trying to classify a domain as a super premium with a super premium price tag. I'm sure many of the domains I have sold over the last 20 years were probably not registered in many or any other TLDs.
  4. lock

    lock VIP

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    Depends on the keyword i see many people buying keywords in new extensions when there are better extensions to suit their keyword. If you find a keyword taken in multiple extensions chances are the keyword can gain target traffic. Often I will see poor choices where keyword and extension do not go together.
    Do no under estimate the power of type ins.
  5. Kate

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    Don't just look if other extensions are taken, visit them to see if they are in use (a business website and not just a parked page).
    It could that the same domain is taken by speculators in ten different extensions, and there is not one single, real end user.

    The assumption is that if you own a .com, end users owning the same name in another extension eg .net, .biz, possibly .org could be interested in your domain. But if you own the .com and the other extensions are taken by domainers, they normally don't count as potential buyers.
  6. lolwarrior

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    I tend to think it is quite important...always check it...if your combo is not taken in any other extension, that is a good indication that it is either misspelled, or simply it does not make sense.
  7. rentmynames

    rentmynames Gold Account

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    IMO it is important!
    It means that your .com, at some point of time, has gotten some attentions from domainers, or maybe an end user (assume that .com had been regged before).
  8. Ridew

    Ridew New Member

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    Well, as long as you have .com or .net, you don't have to worry about the other extensions.
  9. slader23

    slader23 Always On The Bleeding Edge. VIP

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    TLD's Taken------>DEMAND.

    That's about as simple as it gets.
  10. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent VIP

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    I think what is important is that other extensions that are competitors are taken. If an extension makes no sense with a word, then in my opinion it does not matter at all if it is registered. Therefore, while it is easy to say "gone in 32 extensions" (I think I have even used that term :xf.wink:) but really a detailed analysis of domain valuation would look not so much at that as at which of the relevant domains, if any, are available. For example, if my name is clearly a shopping/store kind of name, then it is relevant if .com, .biz (perhaps), .shop, .store etc. are registered. If I am trying to sell .shop and the .store is available, it really means I can't command much of a price, if any at all.
  11. Riz M.

    Riz M. Gold Account

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    i have experienced if many tlds are taken ... it doesnt mean that name have demand so what i do here i see almost all tlds gtlds cctlds whois either there is only one who registered all tlds if its same then its begative we need to do search more about name and if all tlds are taken by random users then its positive.

    1st case : i have sold recently in 2300 usd for this name only 1 tld was taken that was .com and i sold it in no reserve auction at sedo great auctions ... not in buy it now

    2nd case : in my first month of domaining i bought one name i saw 10 tlds are registered so i bought it then i checked all were taken by one guy i emailed him and he said he is interested but then disappeared after hearing my price of 1000 usd then i tried to sell that name at many places but failed then i emailed him again my luck he accepted name at 500 usd . so this case give us lesson if tlds are registered still you have to do work who own these tlds and why?what are they doing exactly and what projects can take this name...

    i hope this is the answer of question..

    one more thing to mention here if you are buying .net or .org i alway try to buy that name which atleast taken in 150+ tlds like i recently acquired socialmedia // net because 300+ tlds were registered i check 40-50 strong tlds & cctlds & gtlds whois before buying this name

    i acquired users // org after seeing atleast 30-40 told whois and this name was registered in 150 tlds so sound safe to me...

    this is what i do in buying domains other then .com mainly...
  12. equity78

    equity78 Top Member TheDomains Staff PRO Gold Account VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    It all depends, I once owned an domain, purchased here actually in auction.

    I got an offer on Sedo, we were stuck at $1,300, my counter was $2,500 and remained firm. So after the person said to me you need to explain why I should pay that, I said, "I'll tell you what, I also own the and as well, I will throw them in. (I handregged those for $14 total after I won the auction). They replied, "If you will include them we got a deal."

    Now if you look at invented brandables the .com really only matters, most BrandBucket sales don't have any other extensions registered.

    What you want to see when you own a strong keyword in .com, is that the .net and .org are registered and developed, a few cctlds are developed and hopefully one or two is looking to go international. New gtld's registered and being used, not owned by domain investors, they went with the new gtld either out of cost, or to be different and new. They are not buying your .com. A new company starting out on a new gtld may gain popularity and VC funding, they might decide they need the .com.
  13. golan

    golan Gold Account VIP

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    It's important. But much more important factor is how many domains are actually developed. Because a nice name or good EMD can be grabbed by speculators/investors/resellers like us, but there could be no or very few end users actually interested in the name.
  14. Ostrados

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    this is a very good question and it is not easy to answer because there is no general rule here, it depends on the domain name and the extension.

    if the domain is keyword:
    it is important to be taken and in use by other TLDs. except in the case of new technology or new trend.

    if the domain is not .com:
    it is important that the .com is taken and in use, otherwise the name has no value.

    if the name is brandable invented word/combo:
    it is not important in this case to be taken in other extensions.

    if the name is liquid:
    not important to be taken in other tlds, however being taken by other tlds increases the value of the domain name!

    In general I see number of registered TLDs as a voting on the popularity of the name, that not necessarly decides the value of the domain but has positive contribution towards its value.
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  15. Selling gTLDs like delicious hotcakes Gold Account VIP

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    I would say it’s a very important factor in the world of domaining.

    However, also the combination of keyword + TLD might matter, if they make sense together.
  16. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent VIP

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    Superb answer by @Ostrados that covers the key points, in my opinion.

    While I agree with all of it in most cases, with respect to the following I would not quite agree that it has no value. Some NGOs prefer an .org to a .com, for example. Also, if the .com was for sale but at a ridiculously high price, the .net would still have some value I would argue. Overall I do agree that in general you want a .com to be developed or at least permanently out of circulation if selling another extension.

  17. Selling gTLDs like delicious hotcakes Gold Account VIP

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    I can’t understand how domainers even can consider register a name, not taken in .com.

    I don’t often try to backorder / snap a .com, if not taken in .net, .org and ;)

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