Is it possible to hand reg a domain that can earn parking revenue.

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my 3 part question ?

1. is it possible to hand reg a domain that can earn parking revenue.

2. does it take time for the immediately parked domain to receive traffic , or it starts receiving it immediately.

3. if it is possible to hand reg a domain with good parking potential , what are a few basic criterias.

please view my 2 domains in terms of parking , are they suitable for parking ? :
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1. Its possible. Each day you could register a bunch of domains for 8.50 USD which would bring you 1+ USD per day.
2.Sometimes you have to wait some days that the traffic appears.
3.About criterias, everyone has his own technique :) Dont expect the people will tell you their hard learnt tactics just because of the fact you would like to make money. :) Those tactics arise from years of experience.

Good luck.
thank you @decade80 , i appreciate your support.
Yes I hand register a domain in July and its made me $40 so far, and a couple others made about 20 dollars each in a few months. One of them had a $15 click a couple weeks ago.
There are three ways that a domain can receive traffic.

1. A domain with history/backlinks. Dropped domains.
2. A generic domain that receives type-in. Mostlikely won't be available for hand-reg.
3. A typo for a popular domain.

So these are the types of domains to look for.