Is it difficult to sell a domain at a sedo paid auction?

Unless it is a category killer domain, you'll have tough luck attracting bids.

You'll have to spend $$$ to promote the auction as well.


Read this thread and learn how to do sell it directly to end users.

This is exactly what is wrong with these auction sites. Getting eyes on your domain auctions becomes a “who has the thicker wallet” type scenario.

It’s too much risk for perhaps little profit.

I have come to realize that best way to profit from domains is to age them and gets backlinks and traffic.

It may be better to wait until they have announced upcoming auctions for a select category of names.
like recently that had 3 letter com/net/ org auction and are having the Great Domains auction soon.

that way, at least you won't have to pay any upfront cost.

those type of auctions tend to draw more eyes.

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