Is 4L com pricing basically nonsense?

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    I've been trying to get my head around the pricing of domains and for the most part it seems nonsensical.

    I get that cvcv and vcvc are good because they tend to produce easy to pronounce and memorable words. But when it comes to "good" and "bad" letters it all becomes a bit mad. would be a terrible domain based on the VC pattern and good / bad letter wisdom, but is probably one of the most valuable 4ls

    Equally, you can easily have cvcc domains that are more pronounceable than vcvc addresses, or sound better. But that's completely ignored.

    It seems that 4ls are basically traded like tokens rather than because of any real underlying utility. EGUW counts as good? But is bad? I'd much rather own the latter, but that goes against all 4l pricing guides. Even is surely better and more memorable than EGUW? But according to guides zapx is terrible?

    I get that the Chinese Market created a sort of gold rush mania, but as I understand it that mostly in relation to nnnn domains.

    I am admittedly about ten years out the loop when it comes to domain investment, but I can't be the only one to think the 4l market is a little silly?
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    the market is changing everywhile, but overall 4LLLLs market is a quiet stable market , although prices has dropped dramatically from the heights reached in 2015 , but it is still a liquid market with a lot of investors are still buying.

    for evaluation and pricing of 4LLLLs , it is the same problem with evaluation of any domain name or digital world as also for cryptocurrency. it is almost impossible to put a precise price with a lot of variations and fluctuations as well.

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