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news moves to Chinese ownership



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2,760 has been sold, and we can only speculate about the price paid to acquire this premium LL .com domain (millions of dollars!)

According to domain name specialist, Jamie Zoch, the sale of by Salesforce takes the domain to Chinese hands, video platform IQIYI.
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iQiyi (爱奇艺) is listed on Nasdaq. In terms of branding, the name is slightly difficult to remember because i Qi Yi is not perfectly Pinyin. The Pinyin name could have been Ai Qi Yi. is 2L which is favorite upgrade by Chinese companies, such as,,,, and many more. Rebranding to IQ may be coming. IQ is better than iQiyi as a global brand, imo.
I can't believe they got salesforce to give up this name, could not have come cheap for sure. Great buy, and they love that Q in that marketplace. Salesforce has a $163B market cap, so you really need to get their attention in order to acquire from them.

I would think it would be 7 figures at least, so hopefully it gets disclosed in their financials. Salesforce has always had a good domain strategy, and own some great names.
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