.io reseller prices increasing?

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    I've noticed that (good) .io domains seem to be increasing slowly in price, at least on You used to be able to pick up a good bargain, but anything remotely good is routinely reaching $1,000.

    I've generally not dabbled much with the io market because of high renewals, but what are people's thoughts about the future of io? Do you think it will just to continue to be used in the tech world, or will it slowly become a more mainstream choice for anything even remotely tech related?

    The main appeal of io from a developer perspective was obviously the input / output link, but also the ability to get a short, one word domain at a reasonable price. My thought has always been that this sort of places a natural cap on prices, as if they get too high people will simply migrate to something cheaper?

    Have also heard people talk about potential issues around the extension due to it's colonial roots, Brexit and the legal implications - but due to its widespread use I think it's highly unlikely that it would disappear - when there's money to be made, people seem willing to be pragmatic.
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