If the domain is bad, pitch doesn't matter

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    I have tried a number of different things in the past 2 years or so. Whether it is using appraisal screenshot in the outbound email as attachment or experimenting with long emailers vs short emailers, I have tried multiple things.

    In the end, I realized that while outbound works and depends upon you most of the time, certain domains which are of low quality never really sell. So I happened to book some really bad domains and tried outbound to approx. 100 leads and followed up for three times.

    Here is what all I tried:

    1) Long emails
    2) Short Emails
    3) Personalized emails
    4) 20 different subject lines
    5) Facebook
    6) LinkedIn
    7) Advertisers
    8) Google Leads
    9) Google Maps leads
    10) Yelp leads
    11) Manta leads

    Nothing worked for names that were not good. I read tonnes of books to try and prepare pitches that I though were great. Never had one sale.

    And finally I realized, that buyers are smart. You don't really have to sell them anything. You just pitch the domains. If they see value in it, they'd buy. If they don't, there is no point writing nice pitches. They won't buy.

    This is a personal experience and may vary from someone ele's experience. Would love to hear your your experiences as well.
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  2. Ostrados

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    Exactly. Good domain sells itself.
    A buyer will only be interested if the domain is of beneficial use.

    If you have a good domain then something short like this will work:
    Subject: for sale
    Message: we have available for sale please contact us if you are interested.

    Thats it, if they want the domain they will reply back. Pitch and evaluation can be used afterwards during price negotiation.

    Btw emails that are short and to the point are always better, people are impatient to read long paragraphs, also long emails are sometimes associated with scam emails.
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  3. Jurgen Wolf

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    Outbound usually works only via phone and with decision makers...
    Emails are waste of time.
  4. NickB

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    It looks to me you are banging your head against a brick wall with outbound......

    "So I happened to book some really bad domains and tried outbound"

    Why waste your time when you knew they where bad domains? Why waste peoples time by sending bad domains? Just blatant spam.....

    Most people are not smart, you need to price a domain at an impulse purchase point with outbound, you need a decent domain that holds some added value or is an upgrade, a very short email, a quick simple sales process and well researched leads.....even then the probability of selling one is quite low, you need to do it day after day, week after week to see results.....

    You seem to keep posting about your experiences and not learning from them
  5. garptrader

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    The vast majority of purchases of any good or service are made.because the buyer had the desire to procure that product or service and they sought out a reliable source which could provide that product or service at a reasonable price. It is far less common that a purchase is made when there is no immediate need or desire to acquire something which a sales person who has no prior relationship with the potential buyer is trying to sell.
  6. bmugford

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    Everything is less efficient when it comes to bad products.

    The average person has no major use for a domain period. If they are already using a domain, then the upgrade better be very clear to them. Otherwise, why would they really be interested?

    People are highly unlikely to buy a bad domain that they were not in the market for which essentially was received via a spam email.

    Acquire better domains, then you have more options.

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  7. Bob Hawkes

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    I think what you found is obviously true. Find the best names in your portfolio, and concentrate your efforts on those. The others, let go or liquidate to cover costs if possible. Best wishes as you move forward.
  8. Daniel Owens

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    Depending on the age of the domain if it's really old it has value regardless of the domain, words, letter etc. For example it could be almost any type of letter doesn't even need to be a word. As, long as the domain has been registered without dropping for at least 10 years it has value.
  9. abstractdomainer

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    Makes sense. But for domains which do not have the quality, some form of visibility is required.

    Enlighten us. How many calls, who you call, how are the conversion rates, what kind of names, time invested and so on? Would love to hear more on this. Can you share more of how you do it?

    I am learning and sharing what I encounter. Sales are coming in slow and fast. But what doesn't work, I mostly write about that, so that people don't end up investing time the same place where I did, witout any results.
    I realized they were bad because the sell through rate was low. While booking, I did not have much idea.
  10. abstractdomainer

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    I think with sub-quality names, or not the best ones, visibility is one of the important options and that happens only via outbound. Having said that, like others mentioned, the leads should be qualified leads and they should offer a value to the existing business.

    A lot of people don't switch to the domain they bought. They use it as a forward from my experience.

    I wouldn't agree to that. Bad names, unpronounceable or having some fundamental issues would be bad no matter what, whether they are 2000s old or 1990s old.
    Care to share some examples to validate this point?
  11. MasterOfMyDomains

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  12. blogspotter

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    Since you mentioned Google map lead, I am suppose you are pitching them GEO leads
    A small businessmen has already received Local SEO calls from hundreds of SEO agencies in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc

    Most of the small businesses don't do their own SEO so a domain name pitch is not interesting to them, and some of them are clueless. Almost all of them outsource their Local SEO.

    I don't do GEOs but from what I could deduce from some of the outbound guys is that most of the sales are ti SEO agencies.

    Looking at the price point, it is not like an SEO agency who is serving a national Local SEO client doesn't know how to search and register a domain. They already make so much money from the client, they simply outsource the registration work to you and buy from you and then mark it up forward to their client.

    Take this as you like, but see if you can partner with SEO agencies
  13. abstractdomainer

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    It is good for me. As long as they keep buying it from me, I don't mind it.

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