If I want to make $300,000 in the next 5 to 10 years using one domain, how much should I invest now?

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    It doesnt matter how much..All that matters is 'wHERE'? YOU SHOULD INVEST.. GO FOR 2,3,4 LETTER .COMS
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    I would say... stick to only short single word .com domain names, you could try to buy a great keyword .com domain name at low 5 figure which has more than 100 TLDs taken according to dotDB , and hold it for 5 to 10 years, you may possibly sell it for $300,000 then.

    One of my best friends told me 2 years ago that his company spent $500,000 to acquire a 5-6 letter single world .com domain for their brand. (Sorry it is a private deal with NDA so I can't reveal what it is) And it is not a very well-known word but short and memorable, and most importantly, the keyword has been registered in about 130 TLDs before the sale.
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    an excellent 3L.com or a 2L.com will do it for you. Just cross your fingers its $300k. good luck. :)
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    Your question is very interesting.

    First of all, you need to learn. As you accumulate experience, you will understand why the most expensive domain names in this industry are so valuable.

    (As your question)I think you have two ways,

    First, investing in the hot target, the short. Com,which is already expensive. I think your investment will be between 10K and 20K at least. I have been very conservative. But the probability of success will be higher.

    Second, you may only use limited funds to invest in tails that will appreciate in the future, which is very difficult, because no one knows what the future will be like, but the investment is relatively small and the probability of success is relatively small.

    But the premise of all this is that you have rich experience, so learning experience is the first step.
    Good luck.
  5. Super-Annuation

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    $30,000 A YEAR OVER 10 Years is $577 a month on a 10 year lease.

    You need a domain that's worth $577 a month. Look at the competition for Google Ads and how much companies are paying per click.

    I approx CPC ST $10.00 WITH 570 clicks a month. You'll need to do an analysis.

    This calculation doesn't factor in terminal value which could add value.

    If you want it in 5 years, just double my figures
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    N = Numeric
  7. Mytz.com

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    First of all you have to buy some more domain names now,
    The probability of 1 domain name versus the probability of 100 domain names,
    It must be a little bit more than 100 domain names,
    And then you want a domain name to make that much money,
    So you have to invest in some good domain names after all,
    Like 3L.COM, 2L.COM, 2N.COM, 3N.COM,
    Or invest in some great 4L.COM or CVCV or English domain names,
    But it's back to square one,
    How much money do you have to invest in domain names?
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    Most of the above answers have covered most things. This is something else to consider:
    My answer depends foremost on your ability to wait for a long, long time which requires huge patience.
    In this "100 domains vs 1 domain" I definitely think invest in 100 domains- spread out your risk especially because you're a newbie in domaining.
    Ray Kurzweil talks of a "Law of Accelerating Returns" about information technologies which basically says the price-performance of these technologies roughly doubles every 2 years( Moore's law is a subset of this law). Although some believe he exaggerates, I think the general point is correct. IF you can easily wait for 10 years, ask yourself- what's going to be drastically different in 10 years, real estate agency market or the "AI economy"? Sports or esports? Any conventional industry or IoT(which is in its nascent stage)
    Within 10 years, we'll be living in a 6g-powered world most probably.. what things will gain prominence in such an economy- something that's not valued now hence you can buy for relatively cheap prices? My hunch is VR,AR, AI, IoT, Autonomous cars,ML, robots etc.
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    I don't think is the right way to invest, some ultra premium domains had to wait much more that 5/10 years to find the right buyer.

    What kind of return are you expecting? 10x? More? Less? With 10× you will have to spend 30.000 today but is not possible to buy today a domain at this price and be reasonably sure you will be able to sell with this return, not in 10 not in 20 years.

    If you come from real estate maybe a 3x return will be fine for you. So you spend 100.000 to get 300.000 after 5 or 10 years. But domains are not houses, there is not guarantee to sell them at full price, more expensive one domain is less endusers exists to buy it.

    You should look to create a small in quantity but very quality portfolio. Buying just one is a lottery ticket.
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    What means well-funded? Well-funded for 20 years? I know only one, Amazon.
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    Welcome Dancing Tree! Learn so that your tree continues to dance. :xf.smile:
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    Firstly, this isn't a realistic goal. Because, in the next 5-10 years, there maybe more TLD options for companies. .io for example is already one of the most preferred choice by startups and plenty of high quality domains are available under it.

    Again, there can be a lot of changes just within 10 years, SEO algorithms may change, DNS system may change, imagine a decentralized DNS system...

    On a long term investment plan, assuming everything goes as expected, if you can snap up a good 1 word .com/.io domain at a cheap price, you may get a six figure return, but this is subject to a lot of factors imo, so it would be a risky gamble to invest it all on one domain

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