domains ICANN launches new RDAP conformance tool



This week ICANN organization released a tool that enables top-level domain (TLD) registry operators and registrars with Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) services to ensure conformance with implementation requirements developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and, optionally, the gTLD RDAP profile.

The new RDAP conformance tool is available here.

RDAP is a protocol developed by the IETF's technical community. This next-generation protocol delivers registration data for domain names and Internet number resources (e.g., Internet Protocol addresses), but with improved standardized query and response formats. RDAP has several other advantages over the WHOIS protocol, including support for internationalization, secure access to data, and the ability to provide differentiated access to registration data.

The RDAP conformance tool gives users the ability to look up publicly available registration data from domain names, entities, and nameservers to verify that it follows the required RDAP implementation standards including: ...

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