ICANN 63 in Barcelona

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  1. Matthew Holden

    Matthew Holden Member Uniregistry Staff VIP

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    Is anybody from the forum attending the ICANN meeting in Barcelona?

    As it is in Europe interested to find out if many domainers are attending, we (Uniregistry) are also having a party in Barcelona on Tuesday of the event week, please drop me a message if anybody would like to attend.
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  2. Rob Monster

    Rob Monster CEO, Epik Staff PRO Gold Account VIP

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    Hi Matthew - Arrived in Barcelona today for start of ICANN meetings. Things are already in progress.

    I am here for a few reasons:

    1. Discussing strategic partnerships with various groups on the domain name value chain, e.g. registries, registrars, hosting providers, etc. Epik is a growing player in the global top-50 and now keen to accelerate progress as the industry prepares for the next phase.

    2. Advancing the dialog around Freehold / Forever / Permanent domain registrations where registrants can buy and own a domain from a registry once and for all. Epik is an early champion of Forever registrations. The registries have a vested interest in this model going mainstream.

    3. Connecting with ICANN leadership on registrant rights issues that specifically protect smaller domain investors from being squeezed out of the market by deep-pocketed industry behemoths.

    If anyone from NamePros is here, PM me. I am here until Tuesday.

    If anyone has an ICANN issue but is not here, hit me up and will understand and advocate!
  3. davidthornton

    davidthornton Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    Yes. Flying today. Arrive tomorrow morning for a week. Staying at the AC Marriott.
  4. poing

    poing Frank Michlick VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I'm here, too until Friday morning. :) See you around.
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