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  1. Olissa Kamel

    Olissa Kamel Restricted

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    I have a cryptocurrency web site ( blog ). I do not want to write domain name for now. But it is good keyword domain ( 2 word ) . Anyway

    I spent :

    - 2 years domain registration ( 22 usd )
    - 1 year hosting ( 110 USD )
    - ssl certificate ( 30 usd )
    - Web site creation and extensions (seo, security etc..all ) ( 150 usd )
    - Logo design ( 15 usd )

    So total avarage 350 usd i spent for this web site.

    I add daily 2 articles ( organic ). I applied for adsense and in day they accept. I added adsense codes to my web site and it started to earn daily 1-3 usd. Sometimes 3.5 usd.
    Since 1 week Adsense is active. And web site have daily 100-250 unuqie visitors ( from google, social media )
    600 pages indexed at google.

    Anyway, shortly i think it is good web site.

    If i want to sell it, how much i much request ?

    Please share your opinions with me

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  2. xeroox

    xeroox Established Member

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    The issue is it doesn't matter what was your expense only the earning of the site or the source of the traffic in a small % matter. If you check some of the marketplace or even flippa, usually the price is a multiple of the earning with some other small factor. You could probably sell around $300-$600 in my opinion to the right buyer.
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  3. Olissa Kamel

    Olissa Kamel Restricted

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    Thanks for your advice. But i will never sell with these prices :)
  4. lock

    lock VIP

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    We can't appraise based on your information.
  5. nicholas

    nicholas Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    There are various methods for valuing a website; some of the more popular ones are:
    1. Whatever the buyer is willing to pay.
    2. 20x - 30x monthly earnings (earnings, not revenue), depending on various metrics.
    3. In lieu of earnings, then it comes down to voume/traffic, and the quality thereof (like user demographics, source, SEO work made or lack thereof, buyer intent, etc.)
    And these are for sites that usually have a relatively quantifiable level of consistent performance over time, 6 months or more for example.

    Ultimately, as an asset (site) owner, you value it according to your own personal methods and biases, but usually the marketplace for websites doesn't really care (usually) if you spent X on this theme or Y on that plugin or Z on that SSL cert. They only care about your site's performance, or its name, or a host of other factors (including those you didn't mention, so there isn't enough information), regardless to whether you used a premium plugin or a free one; how you utilized all those to ultimately generate traffic and earnings.

    For example. A website called say, with free or cheap plugins that ranks on the first page of Google for "where to buy garcinia cambogia" (absolute buyer intent for an extremely competitive term and niche) means it must be minting money because its SEO is top-notch and the traffic (assuming it converts well) is primed and eager and intending to buy. So it will generally fetch a lot more than a better spelled domain (say, with expensive plugins without anywhere near that level of performance.
  6. creataweb

    creataweb Some Guy with Awesome Senior High School Photo VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I'd just keep the site and the earnings. $350 invested plus the work isn't worth a small profit via sale at this point.
  7. adsorbable

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    Every site that I've ever sold I usually try to set the price anywhere around 6-8 times of the monthly income. It can be higher if the site has a the information to back up monthly earnings, but usually those sites have been established for a few years.

    At this point I would keep developing it since you're already seeing a steady income from it. Keeping it another year and pumping traffic into it, might be the difference between a $xxx and a $xxxx sale
  8. Olissa Kamel

    Olissa Kamel Restricted

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    I agree with all comments.
    I am not going to sell my website for now of course. I just wordered about value
  9. Reu Torah

    Reu Torah Established Member

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    it depends on domain name and content quality to get good purchaser for your website. did you try on namepros for getting price quote.
  10. xynames

    xynames PRO VIP

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    If the traffic at the blog is dependent on your writing it isn't really something that will be of value to a non-writer buyer, and even if the buyer is a writer, what he writes might not attract the same traffic as your writing.
  11. MR Harrist

    MR Harrist Established Member

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    multipy 6 or if you luck to 8 to 10 ! since your blog income about $2x30=60 60x6=$360 :xf.grin: some ppl will buy and multiply 10! but as far as I know most buyer only buy for blog/web that have income $1k, and its very rare for them to buy income under 1k.:xf.grin:

    Good luck

    btw if my blog income 1k, why should I sell ?:xf.laugh:
  12. IMEZI

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    In my opinion 600$ is the most ideal price, you might sell it up to 800$ max, you had to consider to sell it ASAP because soon google will be banning all crypto/ico advertisement. And once the crypto/ico advertisement is gone your website earning will be dropping, once the earning dropping then you will not gain the same selling price....
  13. Olissa Kamel

    Olissa Kamel Restricted

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    Thanks for advices

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