I have lost interest in domaining. What about you?

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    Irrespective of how much urstore sold for, I am not a fan of the name. I feel the proper spelling is the way to go.

    Having said that, urstore is definitely better than urbuys
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    Get one. They are on sale at several registrars at $7.95 each for life. You don’t need to renew and they don’t accept return.
  3. skshogun

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    Tip - see detailed traffic from Google Analytics and if majority of those visits are not from bots, then you can make at least few bucks from domain parking. I would advise to look into it for your domains with good traffic.

    You will at least get some money you invested back.
  4. skshogun

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    Also I would advise not to register any new domains for next 3 months minimum. Study, listen to podcasts and then carefully analyze before buying. Watch Domain Sherpa series with Michael Cyger & his guests and listen to Kickstart Commerce by Alvin Brown. Then act according to the tips they provide. Also it's free to watch.

    Good luck :)
  5. mr-x

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    Buy a Roomba, much cheaper.
  6. Mike Goodman

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    If a domain name is attracting 40k visitors in 6 months it has a value. You need money which makes you impatient. I'd suggest is being seen as "apartment for sale" which is a good domain for a huge market in many countries. You have two options with this domain: develop it and attract adverts from those estate agents (realtors), for which you could charge a fee and get a regular income, or be patient, make a nice landing page for it on Sedo, Afternic, Epik, DAN or any of the many others, and await a buyer. Be patient. It may take a very long time. But getting a good price later is a lot better than losing a good domain for ten bucks now.

    @Bob Hawkes has offered superb advice up to his usual standard. I'd alter one part only of what he has said, and that only because of your circumstances:

    Don't take a break, get a job. If you need money so badly as you said in an earlier post domaining is not reliable for you as a source of income. You should only risk what you can afford to lose. That is the same for all so-called "investments". In truth they are really speculations and no return at all is guaranteed. Ever.

    That does not mean you need to stop domaining. By all means take a break from it for a while. Then reconsider. Whether you then choose to continue or to break away altogether has nothing to do with courage, stamina or any other such nonsense. It is a matter for personality (what is right for you) and, we all have to face the fact, financial circumstance. Take the course that is right for you. Ignore the opinions of ignoramuses on chatter boards including this one.

    Many people trade all kinds of financial instruments, including domain names, on a part time (side-hustle) basis. That will give you the chance (and the time) to sell those of your domains of any worth, follow a number of the domaining newsletters to learn more, engage in discussions on this board and elsewhere, and slowly, slowly, accumulate any income from the domains you already have without spending it, then only buy new domains when you have learnt what a good domain looks like from that money. Don't go risking earnings from your new employment which you need to live on.

    One idea which may help you is to have a "dummy account", by which I mean a pretend domaining account on your own computer or on paper. Without spending any money, you set up a recording system on paper, on a spreadsheet or on a database. Follow the various methods of buying domains so you select a name, for instance one which will drop within the next few days, record how much it goes for in the drop auction. Do that with lots of different names to get a very good idea of what a good, profitable name will cost you. If possible, track its life all the way to when it is resold. Record how much it was sold for, how much profit was made, where it was bought and sold, and so forth.

    Good hunting. And thanks, @Bob Hawkes, for a great post.
  7. LUP

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    You must be grateful that you can generate sales

    There are still many domainers who are passionate about domaining without sales and losses
  8. noneisnone

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    did i just see 40k in views ? or am i hallucinating ? PARK THAT DOMAIN NOW STOP WASTING TRAFFIC
  9. mr-x

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    probably referrer spam.
  10. CraigD

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    I believe that some registrars offer a 'domain tasting' service.

    You may be able to return her within a set time if you change your mind.
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  11. blogspotter

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    It is stupid easy to make a living from domains, but you have to learn first.
    Pay someone like DNAcademy, ask people for help, study the sales data.. DO you study all the names sold eevryday using available data?
    DO you study the names on reported sales thread?
    DO you check out the names that are listed on brandbucket, squadhelp etc?

    Did you listen to all the domain sherpa episodes where they analyse domain purchases and sales, where they review portfolios, where they review domains for sale on Namejet?

    And unless you have hundreds of thousands in your disposal, how are you buying names everyday???

    Just going through a list and buying whatever you feel like buying is not domaining.

    The learning curve is not high, and there is only so much to learn to get the basics right, once you get it right, you are as good as anybody else and after that it is just a matter of building a portfolio and being patient for the portfolio to grow big enough to get a steady income.

    Don't lose hope. Stop hand registering and focus on learning for a bit.

    The only problem with domaining is that there are very few things that I can outsource and I have to do all the work myself, which is quite tiring since I have mostly been outsourcing all my work for more than 10 years now. I have only started employing someone to do outreach to "buy domains" and I am yet to make a private thought I got some in the pipeline.

    WHile it is great to be getting my hands dirty and doing things on my own, it is a bit overwhelming. I have like 10 alarms everyday for auctions, and way too many lists that I need to analyze.

    I was looking though the lists so much I started developing Vertigo in Jan and Jan i didn't buy anything.

    My point is even today, my only issue is looking through all the lists and search the names ones by one.

    I feel like i am doing a blue collar job, and sometimes get bored.

    My point is there are hundreds of names in auctions that will eventually sell for a profit.
    Maybe thousands of names in the pending delete that you can backorder.

    Hundreds of names in the closeouts you can research. It is a matter of understanding the basics and getting down to doing the boring Job.

    I am not there yet, and but I know what to do... You need to learn......

    Why is it that some names have 50 preorders?
    BEcause everybody knows it is a good names..
    WHy do some names have 15 bidders.. Because it is a good name

    Don't be i awe of the stupid 7 figure sales.
    Don't look at the oulier sales that is like a lottery.

    Focus on the repeatable sales.

    List 100 squadhelp sales of under 300 and Try to find what is a common thing between those names.
    List100 sub $500 dot co sales and figure out what is common

    List all the .io sales and see what is the common thread
    List the .tv sales reported and figure out the common thing between those

    List 2 word .coms in different Niches and try to connect the dots.

    Every name is unique at first glance.. But write them down and you will start to connect the dots. Draw mind maps

    Namebio is your friend.

    Try to see the sales of some strong keywords and what kinds of keyword combination sell.
    Find out sales in all the different categories.

    Don't look for liquid names. Just the end user sales.

    And most important. When buying a name, nobody is certain that the name will sell. A 2% sell through is a great STR for anyone. Meaning if you manage to sell 2 names out of 100 names in a year for a end user price, it is a good portfolio.

    Once you figure it out, then it is matter of doing the research and having adequate money if you want to scale fast.

    Buying a name takes 10 second to click buy now if you have credit card details saved.

    99.99 effort should be in the research.

    One of my very successful friends who do this part time still spend 3-4 hours everyday researching names to buy and he buys 1 or at most 2 names per week. That is 20-30 hours of research for 2 names. He spends hours and doesn't buy any if he doesn't find...

    My point is, domaining is simply hard work once you get the basics.

    One more thing that I learnt from a couple Giants in the industry.

    There still are many names that will sell for 6 figures that you can pick up for say a 1000 or 2000 if you can buy privately from a non domainer. And some of the Bigshots do this all day. And they say they get 1 positive reply from about a 1000 emails. Simply hunting down those 1000 emails is a ton of work ever since GDPR started...

    Hang in there.. learn more and don't give up mid way. if you throw 1000 names at the wall, some will stick and every sale feels good, but that is no domaining. Every name you buy should have a lot of effort put into it before you buy.

    I know so many people who are doing extremely well, and no I am not talking about the Rick Swartzes of domaining but active domainers who are still buying and grinding in the deep dark tunnels of the goldmines everyday

    PS: I am not expert and only started last year, but with god's grace, I have been able to make steady monthly sales and been able to fund my new purchases. I still make mistakes and this is just my advice to myself. I also find that I learn new things when I express myself. Also to remind myself to finish analysing those sales data I have been collection on a niche I am researching ;)
  12. Corey

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    Select a niche, read, research & study prior to registering.

  13. handpicked

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    In FB search Entrepreneurs forums and join groups with max members from your target country, post general but good stuff for few days, and then post these names: (don't post on domineers FB forums).
    Don't post as an Ad, post that you own these names and wish to liquidate to some talented people over there.
    BlissIncome dot com (Wellness industry is blooming due to the pandemic)
    Goldies dot org (Superb quotes sites development)
    RainOfMoney dot com (Suitable for online income blog)
    Don't quote price there, don't sell over there, mention only your email-id, just put lander on DAN and price it mid xxx, I had some luck this way(got email offers for 233/399 etc). This is no guarantee, just an opinion pls. If you sell this way, rinse and repeat, try this before quitting, let me know too.
  14. Pierre Barnard

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    Couldn't agree more.
  15. Ngawangtashi

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    Hey Buddy , I just watched your portfolio and Tbh The quality is lacking so yeah , I suggest by now looking at your portfolio collection you must have fair idea of what domain to avoid and purchase. Just observe daily domain sales of all marketplaces and keywords.It's Like Any Other Real Business Which Requires Hardwork, Dedication ,Effort, Patience and so many factors
    You Can't Expect to Get Good output By acquiring Pigeon Shit Domains.

    For Now Read, Read, Read Before Buy, Buy ,Buy
    TIP- Read all blogs of the domain King -

    Anyway-Don;t Lose Hope, All will be well sooner or later.
    Good luck Buddy
  16. Dr.Wolf

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    Cheer up bro
  17. Dave

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    The safest form of investment in domaining is to find and pick names that already have existing end users and the name would be an upgrade for them.

    If you're buying names that have no existing end user then you could be waiting years for it to sell, or it may never sell.

    If you're starting out then try to focus on domains whereby there are already existing end users using weaker variations, or the same sld in an inferior tld.

    Picking the other type of domain (where no existing clear end users) is a real challenge, and can take years to learn how to pick them.
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  18. RegBoss

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    I have also lost a lot of interest. 1 domain sale in 3 years and that was because of a Gdad broker. Mind you I do not advertise much. Still have a site up and more than willing to take #BTC as payment. That is my main focus now. Crypto and running a mini farm. There is some good returns possible and realized. I am glad I got my hardware awhile ago. ASIC machines and graphic card prices have gone insane. And yes I do have a small Handshake miner as well. lol Just in case.......:xf.grin:
  19. CTUXSF

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    @ReallyBigIdea I think we’ve interacted on other threads before. I feel compelled to respond here.
    1. I’m new to domaining but not a newbie. I bought my name 20+ yrs ago and built a blog on it as a way to learn HTML etc. But had no idea about domain investing. So close yet so damn far.
    2. I started buying Domains for sale this Jan. Sold my first two in March just two weeks after buying them. Both on GD Auctions. Just sold another this week. Don’t applaud yet. Only one made profit. I’m overall in the red. The loss is small,
    3. BUT: I can afford to do this. I make a comfortable living. I only used found money (someone unexpectedly paid back money they owed me) and I used that to set my spending limit. I also can afford to lose it. I passed the limit because I spent money on subscriptions to DNAcademy and other tools that speed up my research and learning.
    4. I discovered I can make money more easily by entering naming contests at squadhelp. Won three already. So I can roll that back into Domains. And it’s another revenue stream that also teaches me about branding, what kinds of businesses are starting/growing, how they think about and use a name, and what names win or sell. I love words so it’s the best part of domaining for me so far.
    5. I’ve taken the DNAcademy course. I looked at your name list and had to stop after the hyphens, misspellings, long names etc. These are all the no-no’s you learn to avoid in the course. I took it because I needed to know not just what’s a good name but how to value it for purchase and how to price it for sale. It gave me that and much more. Invest in your learning before you invest in more names. One’s an investment, the other is a waste.
    6. I’ve also been reading, all the blogs, listened to podcasts, participate in NP, selling different TLDs and types of names in different marketplaces, networking with leaders in the space. I’m not just learning the science of how to buy and sell but also the art of what makes me different in my approach. What’s my niche?
    Thanks for allowing me to ramble and visualize my learning and thinking.

    What I’ve learned:
    1. Don’t spend what you can’t afford to lose
    2. It’s not a get-rich-quick business
    3. If you don’t treat it like a business, it’s a hobby. Track your costs of purchase and sales, not just the sale price, track your overhead, track your renewal burden. This keeps you honest. Buying is heaven. Renewal is hell.
    4. It takes discipline, patience and time
    5. You make the money on the buy (that’s why you do the research)
    6. The ballers find reasons NOT to buy a name. When they can’t, then they go big.
    7. Many different ways to sell, passive, active, quantity vs quality, small and fast vs big and slow.
    8. Which is why you need to Know Thyself. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses.
    9. You sell big when you don’t need to sell
    10. Even when you sell, you have to put money back in to replenish your inventory.
    11. Domaining is still the Wild West. Many of the personalities, regulations and systems look like they stepped out of the 90s. It’s a pain and an opportunity. Fragmentation is increasingly being replaced by consolidation as the money grows in the sector. New nimble players are coming in.
    12. But domaining is a wonderful small giving community and yet such an infinitely large world. So many subjects to learn, many different personalities and cultures to befriend. I think it’ll be a lifelong pursuit.
    = FIN =
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  20. CTUXSF

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    One more thing, I have about 50 names in my portfolio. Most are crap because I bought them before I took the DNAcademy course. I reaaallllyyy slowed down the purchases and focused on building my discipline of valuation, and also my patience and self-control. And I’m trying to sell before I allow myself to buy. Also I’m finding more ways to say no before I buy. Learn learn learn.
  21. reachstars

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    I personally can't call myself a domainer, but can definitely call myself a businessman. And in my humble way I go about things, I don't buy anything that I wouldn't want to use for my own business or businesses. I focus on the industries and niches that I'm familiar with and enjoy. I find myself buying domain name (1), but later I find domain name (2) which is better. I may make the choice to use domain name (2), then consider selling domain name (1) if I don't love it enough.

    If I ever pay a lot for a domain name, it's because I would be the end user for it, and the profit from my business can more than cover the expense.

    I've found that in my way of going about things, since i am already involved in a specific industry or niche, I am usually great at spotting great names. On one occasion, I've found that my bidding competition was another business in an industry that i know, and since they are well capitalized and in no way could I compete with them. My intuition is sometimes confirmed by the heavy competition at auctions for names that I've spotted, or even getting unsolicited offers.

    I know my take is from an end user for point of view, but I think everyone who is in this business should take that perspective. If a domain name ain't worth using, it probably ain't worth buying.
  22. ThatNameGuy

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    I'm not so sure I'm a "real domainer":xf.rolleyes: However I've been doing domains my way for the last three years, and it's been more fun than anything I've ever done professionally. I only say "professionally" because I've started, operated and named more than a dozen businesses since 1970. The one thing I can share, if you've lost your fervor than you should look elsewhere.

    As an example of the kind of fun I'm talking about, yesterday after seeing Medina Spirit win the Kentucky Derby i registered the domain because 1. it was available and 2. it was just a buck.
    As intellectual property I consider it a piece of art regardless whether I sell it or not.

    I've probably registered a few hundred domains like this the last few years, and I just registered because 1. it was available and 2. it was just a buck. The term "Catch and Release" is a term sport fishermen use when they catch a fish, any fish, whether it's a Big Marlin or a 1lb Catfish.

    My attitude is more that of a hobbyist, but this is the first hobby I've had that actually

    Anyway....good luck to you(y)
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    yes for real checkout included file.
    Regarding domain parking.. I have added google adsense code to my blog it should generate more money than parking but TBH adsense sucks as well because most visitors with adblock plugin or app. So with half million visits I earned around $8 lol. 😒

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  24. noneisnone

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    1,571 thats 500k on your main website that all the other domains redirect to
    park the 10 most visited domains you have or add adsense to each of them and check.

    i think the value depends on the domain redirecting random traffic to your website will not make you the same amount
  25. garptrader

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    The vast majority of the general public views a domain name as a sub-$50 purchase and will get creative to find something available in that price range. There is a small percentage of end users that want a specific domain for their project, startup, etc that are willing to pay a premium. But most of those have limited budgets. It still amazes me the contrast in how much end users are willing to spend for a domain to brand their business, promote their product, etc (normally under $100) even though they won't blink an eye at paying a five or six figure invoice from an attorney or spending that much on a business trip or office furniture or an audit fee or an IT project or Google Adwords.

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