I have a question about whether I need a "shared hosting" plan or a "cloud VPS" plan for my needs..

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    Let me just summarize my question / problem...

    Back on Black Friday 2016.. I ordered both a Shared Hosting and Cloud VPS package from A Small Orange. I know that ASO doesn't have the best reputation anymore.. but it was affordable.. and they also don't seem to have the worse reputation either haha.

    Anyways, it has been several years since I have developed any web sites.

    I plan to develop around 5 - 8 small to medium sized sites / blogs out of my personal interests this year (one web site about brewing craft beer, for example).. and I will run either WordPress or Drupal for each site.

    I have been very busy these last few months.. and my 90 day window for canceling one of these two plans is coming up soon. Cloud VPS seems a little complicated.. like I need to learn how to set everything up myself.. at the same time from my limited reading.. it seems like Cloud VPS might be better for SEO, for general security, and perhaps will also give me more resources in case some of my content ends up going viral.

    Compared to shared hosting.. which with CPanel is very straight-forward.. seems easy.. but it's hosted on a shared server with hundereds of other sites (possibly spam sites too).. it SEEMS like it may be worse for SEO.. and if some of my content ends up going viral.. it seems like I may have less resources at my disposal..

    Anyways, because time is running out.. and it's been so many years since I've developed web sites.. I just need some quick advice.. Which plan do you think I should keep? The Shared Hosting or the Cloud VPS plan? The cloud VPS plan ended up costing about $50 more.. but like I said.. it seems (at first glance) more complicated to manage.. but there are benefits in regards to server resources, etc.. But if it's not necessary to spend the extra $50.. for the Cloud VPS plan.. then I also wouldn't mind just saving the extra $.

    Just need some general advice from people more experienced than I am about these things.. or any insight would be so helpful!
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    CloudVPS hands down. If you know what you are doing, that is. Not a big deal or time consuming, but the advantages over shared hosting you've alluded to exist only if the VPS is properly managed.
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