I have a domain How can i sell it faster at good price?

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  1. Get UNIQUE

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    I have a domain
    How can i sell it faster at good price?

    Highly Marketable :
    "Pizza Luv" Is a great combination.
    Eye-Catching : Looks great!
    Appreciating Asset : Premium short name.
    Memorable & Very Short : Only 9 Characters!
    High Comparable Sales : Similar domains are selling for High $,$$$ to $$,$$$ range.
    Comparable domain name sales, Reported by : sold at 2,605,000 USD 2008-04-03 Sedo 15,000 USD 2009-08-19 Sedo 13,000 USD 2012-09-26 Sedo 10,603 USD 2012-12-04 Sedo 10,000 USD 2015-06-19 Uniregistry

    Seller's Notes
    "PizzaLuv" This keyword combination provides a great name for any type of Pizza Restrant or Pizza service.
    Commercial Appeal : Is Golden Domain and have two Sweet keywords that can capture attention of Pizza Lovers quickly.

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  2. Joe Nichols

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    You'll have a tough time selling this one, but if it's going to sell you'll have to lower expectations a lot.

    There are a few problems with the name:
    1. Sales history: the five figure sales you mentioned are all many years old. When examining sales history, you want more recent data. And the recent data says names like PizzaCorner, PizzaFreak, and PizzaStar all sold in the mid XXX range. There have been a few four figure sales in the last couple years, but they've been solid names like PizzaPortal and PizzaCrew:

    2. Existing businesses: there don't seem to be any. No existing end users means much lower odds of a sale. You're essentially waiting for someone to open up a pizza shop/site and decide that this is the name they must have."piz...vgAhWSdt8KHfSOB144ChDy0wMIZQ&biw=1219&bih=930

    3. Keyword choice: The ideal choice would be PizzaLove. The misspelling lowers the value significantly. Even PizzaLove would have limited value, since best use case would be for an appreciation site or blog of some kind.

      Luv hasn't sold very well as a word at the end of domains:

    4. Other registered names: This name is only taken in one other extension (.club), and there is no site on it. Only other similar registered name appears to be, and it contains a thrown-together WordPress site.

      Very few similar registrations means very little interest in these keywords.
    The name has some good things going for it, like shortness and memorability (as you mentioned), but overall it doesn't make for an appealing purchase for someone looking to spend four to five figures on a domain names.

    I would list it at the marketplaces with a BIN in the low hundreds and see what happens. And I would not renew the name.

    Also... Welcome to NamePros! There are tons of great resources, so do a lot of reading and ask a lot of questions before buying your next name,
  3. Get UNIQUE

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    Thanks for a thorough analysys. Still hope to get a good buck . Good Luck to both of us.
  4. DrJacoby

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