information I got scammed for $314 @ SafetysMask.com (Should have checked the Whois!)

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Ok guys. Don't laugh at me too much but I got scammed out of $314 bucks panic buying N95 masks for me, my family, my girl and her family.

So I "thought" I was buying a 50 pack of N95 masks for $289 check the current prices online and you will see this price is not too far fetched. at 50 masks for a price of $289 that comes out to $5.78 each. We all make crazy decisions in times like this and to me this was a reasonable purchase. yea I know it's price gouging but given the circumstances that you can't find these masks anywhere now. $5.78 a piece was acceptable. I don't like it but when compared to all my other frivolous purchases in the past around the same cost. It just made sense.

If you can buy a custom blue suit for $400 bucks then surely you can spend $289 for something that will help keep your family safe.

Anyways. I bought these from this website below. It "looked" legit. yea yea I know stupid right?


As a domainer I really should have known better given the tools we have at our disposable like whois.com.

SafetysMask.com regged 2020-02-23:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:
@Joe Styler

That should have been red flag numero uno.

I mention this because this is a domainer website and we need to talk about domains. Even if at least a little bit.

And then there is the price $289 for a 50 pack when websites like Ebay is charging $150 for a 10 pack.

and then there is the contact info below from their website.

We are committed to providing the best products and friendliest customer service. If you should have any questions about ordering or a question about any of our great products, please feel free to contact us with the information provided below. And yes. I'm an idiot. Did not check this prior to purchase. OutLook? Really?

Email: [email protected]

Please Call at: (540)450-4525

Adress: 118 Obriens Circle, Winchester, Virginia, 22602, USA

I guess I was in panic mode after looking for how much these things were selling on Amazon and Ebay. That's if they were even available. Most options they were out of stock and restock will be in the closest time in June!

I don't know about you guys but me? I'm not even doing "domaining" right now but just buying supplies as cheap as possible.

Anyways. Placed my order.

Then I got an email from them. And guess what was missing in the confirmed payment email?


Red Flag number 2 or 3.

Part of me stupidly thought to give them a chance.

I ordered 2 day shipping for this for $25 because I really was panicking.

so that's a total of $314 now.

The order never arrived after 2 days or 3 days.

I FINALLY check their contact page and called their number. (540)450-4525

Take a guess?

Mailbox is Full.

Also after I tried to access their website it took a hell of a long time to load. I was scared it would not pop up and had been deleted but ok it did show. felt some relief but too soon to have a party.

I emailed them. No reply.

On the random I Googled their contact page and get these results below. RED FLAG #4.


top of the results.

Search Results
Web results

Contact Us – Safetysmask.com
safetysmask.com › pages › contact-us

For any question, please contact our customer service. Email: [email protected] Tel: 1 (435) 830-7278Address: 668 Stansbury Ave, Tooele, Utah, 84074, ...
You visited this page on 3/11/20.

seems as though they had a website before.

see the website luckybest.site ? doesn't exist anymore.

luckybest.site regged 2019-12-10

These people are trying to make themselves look like they are located in the USA.

See the number 1 (435) 830-7278 ????

Called that. someone did pick up. With all due respect sounded like some skinny white boy in the middle of Utah.

He told me he has received over 600 calls already from people about their orders not showing up.

And then he said I've been scammed.

Part of me suspects this guy is the scammer but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt because he seemed surprised I had his number.

He said "the scammers" put his phone number up on that website.

Anyways. Filed a dispute. First with my Sparks Business Card. Had the credit card cancelled and issued a new one but I forgot I had used the card at Paypal.

Sparks said they would handle it no questions asked and funds would be returned as it seems obvious it was a scam. God I love my Sparks Business account!

That was on the 3rd day when my order did not arrive after my purchase date.

Finally got around to filing a dispute with Paypal. something I should have done already but didn't.

Filed it yesterday.

Paypal contacted the seller. FMONLINESHOP about the dispute and guess what?

That's when they FINALLY SENT IT OUT.

so what now? I already purchased replacements for these masks. the ones I found were much cheaper.

Sparks already going to refund me but now this seller is still sending? 5 days later?


i filed a dispute already. This probably pissed off seller. So now I'm fearful they will purposefully send me a package full of Coronavirus infected masks. Yea that's what I'm thinking.

I'm thinking they sent me the products after I filed a dispute with Paypal because they want to keep their Paypal account ALIVE so they can keep scamming people.

here's the best part!

Their website says they are a USA Based business (Virginia USA). I expected my order to come from USA. meaning I assumed this company had a stockpile of this 3M N95 masks made in the USA prior to this pandemic. No offense to Chinese but I don't want to buy anything being shipped from China right now. I know it's ignorant but it's personal preference. I have a 78 year old mother that relies on my. I can't get sick or get her sick because I got a package from China.

There is ignorance and then there is an "abundance of caution".

When this item arrives I am going to grab it from the mailbox with trash bags. tie it up and throw it in the incinerator or actually send it to the authorities.

I know I'm acting all crazy right now but you know what? we live in a crazy world.

So becareful what you buy friends. especially if it's a product designed to make money from this crisis.

Scammers will take advantage of this situation to scam people.

Thank God I used Paypal and Sparks!

So I did no lose really my money. if this were someone using just paypal or just their debit card? I don't know.
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Dude I'm in the same situation.
I ordered 40 face masks from safetysmask.com with 2 fast shipping and havent got anything yet.
I also filled out dispute on paypal and once I filled it out they sent the shipping information
when i searched that shipping number it wasn't exist. then I check it today and It's on its way.
I spent $270 on it and I don't think I can get my money back after I read your post.
I'm so frustrated wasting my money for this trash.
And also not sure they'll give us money back even though we returned the product.
They can just run away or ignore our contact. ....
I don't know man
What are you going to do
People, stop ordering 40, 50 or 100 masks, there is no need for it. There will be loads of scammers out there preying on people like this.
People, stop ordering 40, 50 or 100 masks, there is no need for it. There will be loads of scammers out there preying on people like this.

it doesnt help when the ****ing CDC cant decide to recommend us wear them or not
I can also confirm that safetysmask was a fraudulent e commerce store. They did not ship anything for weeks and kept my fraud claim at Paypal tied up and delayed. The site kept posting updates daily that the order was being prepared for shipment. Finally I complained a second time to PayPal and then suddenly there was a shipment and PayPal closed the fraud claim siding with the seller. They shipped me a bra. They didnt ship the 10 N95 masks I ordered, instead they shipped a bra to further delay the fraud claim. Now I had already weeks before this bra arrived, contacted Shopify to warn them they have a fraudulent e commerce store using their shopping cart system. As of right now, the store is down on April 20th. My original order was on March 10. I just got my Paypal dispute reopened April 20 because the package stuffed with a used bra just arrived. Paypal doesn't make it easy to reopen a dispute. I used their virtual agent and requested "report fraud" and it finally offers to connect to an agent.
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we still wear masks outside,even the situation is undercontrol in china.
soon we will win the war against the damn virus finally and absolutely.
we consider it a responsible action for oneself and others.
it is our commom sense to wear a mask outside.

luckily china has been into a no cash world a few years ago.
we can use alipay,wechat to make payment on phone in seconds,for shopping,taxt or anything you need to be delivered to your home.
People were wearing masks in public long before 2019 it was associated with pollution this was already popular in years leading up to pandemic. It has been certainly made a popular by enforcement.