How to start serious Domain Investing?

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  1. NilamDomain

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    Does anyone know how I can get into serious domain investing? I'm talking like the higher end domains? How would I acquire them and sell them? Does anyone have a good place or point me in the right direction? Any tips or advice will be appreciated

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  2. hawkeye

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    Check the auctions on Sedo, Afternic, Godaddy, etc. Look for the better names. Spend the money and buy the 'high end domains' and then resell them. Pretty simple.
  3. Hello,

    The first step is to learn the value of domains, that's most important. What they sell for (And why) in both the wholesale and retail market, and then you make money from buying below what they're worth. This is the most difficult and complicated thing to learn in the domain business so it will take time.

    You can't jump straight to that level because all beginners make a lot of mistakes and you want those mistakes to cost you as little as possible. Buying a domain for $8 that is worth $0 is not as costly as buying a domain for $80k that's worth $10k. In the first, you lost $8 to learn that lesson. In the latter, you lost $70k.

    Once you've learned what's good and how to valuate domains, then you can start buying the bigger domains such as those seen at:

    Hope that helps,
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  4. biggie

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    i'd like to point you, but...

    would like to know,
    what you consider high end?
    and how high does the budget go, for each name?
    you wanna be a flipper or long-term, passive or aggressive?

    are you looking for short 3 letter or less in .com
    or single word names only

    what about phrases and exact match two and three worders?

    it all depends on which direction you want to proceed.

  5. urlurl

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    i would dabble in the lower end names, then to mid-level and then higher-level names - to get a feel for what the reseller market is like, what sells, what people are looking for and trends.

    This may save you some money before you jump in.
  6. Mark Umansky

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    What are some of your guy's favorite marketplaces to sell on? I'm getting into this too and I know there's a lot about the subject, was just wondering what you guys yourself think. Aside from on here of course, which I'm going to try soon.

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