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    Hello everybody.
    Just a quick thought.

    As a community of domainers, it's important, and it's very much up to us to keep business's and end users up to date on why domain names are fantastic investments, and why they're worth investing into.

    We all of course understand the values - we know our research and the ins and the outs. And if we want a future market where domain names to thrive in sales, it's important that other companies also share the same idea as us that the right domains are beneficial.

    And so just a little discussion I'd like to start - from those who have been in the game since the get go, to those only just getting in and getting started; what can we do as a community to keep the domain end user market alive and thriving?
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    Type-in traffic - While primarily a factor for .COM domains 15+ years in age, I do have some real estate handregs less than five years old which get occasional type-in traffic - people looking for an apartment or short-term rental which fill in the EFTY lander without even realizing I am selling a domain. Those in-bound leads would have a value to a realtor in the respective market if they convert into sales.

    Link traffic - website owners sometimes let their domains expire and oftentimes there are numerous links from other websites which will continue to refer to the former website even though it no longer exists. Such link traffic can also bring a business leads which could convert into sales. These links can also give pagerank which had been a ranking factor at Google - not sure how pagerank factors in search results currently.

    SEO value - Historically, exact-match domains - those whose keywords correspond exactly to a common search term, had a significant ranking advantage at Google. I believe they still do at Yahoo and Bing. 90%+ of website searchers select a site on the first page of search results and about two thirds of search traffic goes to sites on the top half of page one. So for highly-searched and competitive phrases, an exact-match domain had considerable value In 2012 Google changed its search algorithm to significantly devalue the exact-match benefit.

    Brand value - a short, memorable domain is easier for potential customers to recall and less likely to result in misdirected traffic when used in print, billboard, tv or radio advertising. A long, hyphenated or abbreviated domain can more easily be forgotten or misspelled and result in business emails being sent to a competitor's site.

    A thought occurred to me regarding real estate domains - regardless of search volume, if I owned a real estate agency in any market, I would want to own the domain in that market. The domain could be used on tv, radio and print ads and business cards. I believe such a domain properly advertised would result in an increase in the agency's market share in that city. Now take the average real estate price in that market, factor in the average holding period for real estate in that market, split commissions, the city's population, average number of residents per household, etc and one could determine the value of a x% increase in market share due to owning i.e. instead of How much would a 1-5% gain in market share be worth to the agency?

    Of course in the end, end users will only pay their budget - regardless on any intrinsic value to the business. The IT and SEO guys will argue don't waste your money on a domain as my SEO magic and spending $$$$ monthly on Google Adwords will drive all the traffic you need.
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    That's really good.

    A lot of what you said answers the question to "What makes a domain name valuable",
    so it's a good insight and checklist to go by before purchasing a domain.
    See that your potential domain has traffic coming in,
    see that it has strong backlinks,
    see that it ranks high in SEO,
    and if all checks out to you and you see value in the domain - so will an end user.

    It's also a good guide to go by to build value to an already owned domain. Invest into backlinks and SEO and advertising for traffic etc, and and end user will pick up on it also.
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    end user will know if you domain profitable or not :xf.grin: good news is, you don't have to force yourself and tell everything about your domain value! :xf.grin: and as far as I know most of them want short domain, because it can increase their marketing effort more effective! i.e save money!:xf.grin:
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    I saw an article the other day that mentioned a nice overview. I don't recall if I saw it here, or one of my other favorites for Domain Name news.

    How Much Is A Domain Name Worth .com (without the spaces)

  6. Tarabasa Domains Ltd

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    Really interesting read - I've noticed that article being plugged into many domainers's email signatures lately. Really useful read actually

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