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How to price my domains?

Labeled as question in Domain Selling and Domain Sales started by 2Freaky, Dec 5, 2019.


  1. 2Freaky

    2Freaky Established Member

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    I need some ideas. Sorry, there follows a lot of text

    For fun and because they were cheap i bought some Domains on Blackfriday.

    Basically i know the differences between TLD´s, how to research similar domains for prices, check histories, why some domains are more exp. than others etc.

    I dont want to research and invest too much time in this little test (around 50 domains)

    I dont want to make domain-selling to my business, i dont want to get rich, i dont wont to have the maximum price for it.

    I only want something like a "fair" price. The Domain is worth 5000,- dollar - a lot of buyers would take it for 3500,- but i am too lazy to research and sell it for 500,- dollar - that would absolute ok for me - but in my opinion i am too dumb and sell the Domain for 50,- dollar.

    My strategy is to sell it fast as posible for a minimum price - but not like the excample above. And i got 2 generally problems:

    1. In comparison to similar websites my sites look too cheap.

    competitor: iamtoodumbtoresearchshortandeasynamedwebsites.com 4000,- houseswithoutroof.com 11.000,-
    me (excample): majorleague.us 500,-

    2. On the selling website i am not sure how to setup the prices.

    Minimum Price (my minimum price for my expenses): 70,- dollar
    Starting Price: 70,- dollar (or cheaper? because higher it makes no sense to my minimum price?)
    Buy Now Price: 300,- (i made the descision its enough for me, but on the other hand similar sites want to have 3500,- but they need to hold them for years)

    Hopefully my questions are not too confusing.

    In one question:
    Do you think an "average" (but wanted) domain is sold faster with a very cheap price or is it a question that the "right buyer" find it to the right time - and the price matters, but its not that important?

    i would be happy about some ideas and experiences.

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  2. biggie

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    you got a lot of "don't want" to do this or that
    and talk of being too dumb and too lazy....
    yet, you want us to "think"?

  3. xynames

    xynames XYNames.com PRO VIP

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    There are a many domainers trying to make something scuttling bottom picking up garbage that wasn’t worth ten dollars thinking that it might be profitable if bought for one.

    In my opinion you’re generally better off paying real money for decent domains.
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  4. Ategy

    Ategy NameCult.com Gold Account VIP

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    @2Freaky .. I really strongly suggest you learn more and domains and domaining and the domain markets (both wholesale and retail) before proceeding much farther.

    To answer your question very simply .. yes .. sometimes the price difference won't make a difference and buyers will buy the domain at the same probability whether it's $500 or $5000 .. and sometimes the price difference will make a HUGE difference. It depends on the specific domains and the prices .. there is no simple rule that covers all domains .. you really need to know your domains and who the potential end users are.

    Then you really should rethink if you want to invest in domaining at all. It takes lots of time, knowledge and research simply to not lose money in domaining .. much more even if you want to make a small profit. With the low sell-through rates and tight (portfolio level) margins, you're almost guaranteed to lose money if you're not maximising the pricing of your sales.

    Yes pricing and volume do affect each other .. but not necessarily at a direct ratio .. if you unprice your domains, it does not necessarily mean you will make up for it with volume. The opposite is also true .. if you overprice your domains, it doesn't mean that the very few big sales you do make will necessarily make up for the ones you lost.
  5. 2Freaky

    2Freaky Established Member

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    @Ategy Thanks for your thinkings and advice!

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