How to Find Expired Domains with WhoisXML API: A Step-by-Step Guide

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    As a domain name investor, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on expired domain names. You may not know but your next big-time investment could be among them. For that, you can use the Newly Registered and Just-Expired Domains Database. Here is a step-by-step guide to find expired domains with the database.

    Getting a Newly Registered and Just-Expired Domains Data Feed Subscription

    1. Go to and click the “Order database” button.

    Existing subscribers will be taken to the data feeds directory, while those who don’t have an account yet will be redirected to the pricing page. All pricing plans, except Lite, will give you access to the just expired or newly dropped domains data feeds.

    Once subscribed, you will see a list of the data feeds purchased.


    2. To access the just expired domains data feeds, click “Newly_Registered_Domains.”

    Accessing the Newly Registered Domains and Just Expired Domains Database
    Once inside the database, you will see different data feeds, depending on your subscription type. Detailed below are the various packages and the just expired domains data feeds.

    For the Pro plan, you will find two Just Expired Domains data feeds. These are domain_names_ngtlds_dropped and domain_names_dropped.

    Domain_names_ngtlds_dropped contains the newly expired domains for all generic top-level domains (gTLDs), ranging from .aaa to .zuerich. Domain_names_dropped, on the other hand, contains just expired domains under the major gTLD spaces, such as .com, .biz, .net, and .org.


    Enterprise, Custom 1, and Custom 2
    The Enterprise, Custom 1, and Custom 2 packages also give you access to domain_names_ngtlds_dropped and domain_names_dropped. Aside from these, however, you can also access just expired domain data feeds with WHOIS records.


    Since those data feeds contain the domain names’ WHOIS records, you can get a glimpse of their ownership records, if available, or registrar details at the very least. Below are the extra Just Expired data feeds available in these three pricing plans:
    • Domain_names_dropped_whois: Lists newly expired domains under the major gTLDs with their WHOIS records.
    • Domain_names_ngtlds_dropped: Contains the newly expired domains under all gTLDs.
    • Domain_names_ngtlds_dropped_whois: Lists newly expired domains under all gTLDs along with their WHOIS records.
    Using the Just Expired Domains Data Feeds
    The gTLDs within the “dropped” directories are arranged alphabetically. When you select the gTLD you want, you will see the available data feeds organized by date from oldest to newest.


    Clicking a specific date will bring you to the next directory where you can download the data feed in comma-separated values (CSV) format.


    The file name will be “dropped.[gTLD].csv.” Since the data feed we accessed is under the .com space, the file name is “” The domain names are arranged alphabetically.


    You can download the Just Expired Domains data feed with WHOIS details the same way. Choose the gTLD and the date of the data feed you want to download. For example, full_2020_12_06_com.csv.gz allows you to find expired domains dropped on 6 December 2020 under the .com space.


    Citing the newly expired easytaxx[.]com as an example, the data feed tells us the following details:
    • Registrar: Public Domain Registry
    • Registrant email address: *******[email protected]******
    • Registrant name: ***vin ***wn
    • Registrant organization: Taxation Corporation
    • Registrant address: Garland, Texas, US

    WhoisXML API's Newly Registered Domains and Just Expired Domains database gives domain name investors several options to grow their domain portfolio by allowing them to find expired domains. The product also lets investors see trends and behaviors regarding domain registration—what domain types are being registered and what are being dropped.

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