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How to contact potential buyers and create a client list?

Labeled as advice in Domain Buying and Selling Discussion started by Francis AHLE, Apr 4, 2019.


  1. Francis AHLE

    Francis AHLE Established Member

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    Hi all! I've been told to already have a list of potential buyers before registering domains. How do i do that? How do i get in touch with them in order to create a list?
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  2. NameLlama

    NameLlama Established Member

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    Why would the domains be available if there were large number of good buyers for them
  3. biggie

    biggie Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    people often tell others :poop: without really explaining in detail what they mean

    and often, its' because they really don't know what they are talking about.... cuz mostly they are just repeating what somebody else told them.

    the idea behind that philosophy is,
    before you register a domain name, that you do a search to see how many companies, services, etc, use that term or phrase as part of their website.

    but even that has major flaws, because....
    if somebody already has a website, then why would they want to buy your newly registered domains, or if they wanted the name, why didn't they get it before you even started domaining?

    and if you start sending them spam emails, how do you know they will read them?

    but that is how you would proceed in compiling a list of potentials.

  4. gilescoley

    gilescoley Top Member PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    The #1 most important thing is to contact the right person at the company, the decision maker....

    Check the company exec team on their website, Google, Bloomberg, Yahoo finance etc and find someone who can make the call on whether to buy the name (ie the business development manager, CEO etc). For example, If you Google "Cisco Executive team" for instance, it comes up with this - https://newsroom.cisco.com/exec-bios, so its not hard to find the right person. If you Google "Cisco Email format", it comes up with this - https://rocketreach.co/cisco-email-format_1063
    So its not hard figure out the person's email either.

    For smaller companies that may not be in Bloomberg or Yahoo Finance etc, sometimes you can google something like "company name CEO" and then find the persons name and then work out the email from there.

    This is just what works for me

    1) Email end-users with a short to-the-point email offering your name

    2) Ensure you have a decision-maker in the company, DONT just use the WHOIS email, most of the time it will get ignored/deleted - Use LinkedIn, Bloomberg, yahoo Finance, Company site, Google etc to find out who the CEO, Business Development Manager is and contact them directly

    3) Be patient, they dont always reply straight away (if at all) - Don't flood them with emails if they dont reply

    4) Be polite and professional at all times, thank them for their time if they aren't interested, you never know if they might need/want the name later on.

    5) Use Escrow for sales, it provides them with a level of security when dealing with someone they dont know, especially if you have contacted them first.

    6) Send an email after the Escrow transaction asking them if they have the name in their account, thank them for their time, wish them all the best in the future etc...I think politeness and professionalism goes a long way in this industry, especially with the all the scammers online these days

    Hope that helps, good luck
  5. satyadeep singh

    satyadeep singh Established Member

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    how can i search website is same as my keyword or domain
  6. gilescoley

    gilescoley Top Member PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Search google, type your keywords in google, type them in LinkedIn and well and then hit companies at the top.

    https://zfbot.com/ is quite useful for this as well
  7. Francis AHLE

    Francis AHLE Established Member

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    @gilescoley , as usual, your advices are just wonderful :) thanks!! I'll then do that :) so, in addition to listing domains on various marketplaces, i should also do this. Perfect.
  8. Seema Thakur

    Seema Thakur New Member

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    So far, I found AeroLeads as one of the best tools for finding potential prospects and build a client list.
    It pulls the email addresses and business phone numbers of prospects in real time. You can run it on the top LinkedIn, Angellist, CrunchBase, etc.

    What makes it unique from other sale prospecting tools is that it build the list in real time and verifies all the data before forming the list.

    Here are some of the prominent features:

    1. Pulls business emails and phone numbers.

    2. Real-time email list building solution.

    3. Verifies the data and 99.9% accurate data.

    4. A user can use the tool on top of LinkedIn, Angellist, etc.

    5. Transfer data to CRM like Salesforce, HubSpot, CRM, Zoho, etc.

    6. Find as many as 10 data points like title, location, generic company emails, etc

    Hopefully, this is helpful for you
  9. dande

    dande Top Member VIP

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    I don't believe you can create a client list in domain marketing. The reason is because domain is not grocery items that people buy everyday. Keeping some list and constantly messaging them is ultimately spamming.

    My advice would be to acquire good domains, promote them in the domain marketplaces. Put them in your lander, and wait for the buyers.

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