advice How To Check If Domain Used for Scam/Spam in the Past

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Please how to do i check if a domain name has been used for scam/spam before. (free method) thanks
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Check how the website was used in the past:
  • Archive.org
  • Archive.is
  • Enter cache:domain.com into Google search.

Check the types of sites linking to the domain:

Check what sites have said about your domain:
  • Enter intext:domain.com into Google search.

Check what Google thinks/knows about the domain and whether it's banned on Google:
  • Enter info:domain.com into Google search.
  • If recently developed, enter site:domain.com into Google search to see if any pages are indexed
  • If not, you can use a domain parking company to see if the domain shows Google ads or another provider (If not Google ads then it's likely banned). There are also tools for checking if a domain is banned from Google.
  • Add the domain to Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmasters Tools): https://search.google.com/search-console

Check spam reports and blacklists:

Check WHOIS history to see who owned the domain before:
  • Whoisology
  • Who.is
  • DomainTools

Check which websites Google thinks are related to your domain (If they're spammy websites, that's a bad sign):
  • Enter related:domain.com into Google search.

Hope that helps,
Use a Extension name MOZ bar
I wouldn't let it worry me only one premium name I have has problems that couldn't just be cured. Most problems can be overcome with time new whois etc. I have some black list checkers at traffic.tools.