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In this series " How they did it " I shall be choosing developed domain names to review and explaining how they created the web site, what technology they employ, where their traffic comes from, and the monetisation methods being used. Disclaimer: I have absolutely no connection to any of the web sites being reviewed, gain no financial incentive or know any the people who own them. I'm not suggesting that you do or don't use any of these services.

In this first review I chose dontworkanotherday.com found it on Google through the search " how to flip domain names ". This website ranks top of Google in the U.K. for that search query beneath a featured snippet containing three You Tube videos and a list of four common questions:
  • Is flipping domain names profitable?
  • Is domain Flipping legal?
  • How do I flip my domain name?
  • What is domain Flip?
As part of my research I found two available domain names which you can register at cost price today to use for your own website, if you so wish. I have never flipped a domain name so am not going to build a web site about it.
  1. howtoflipadomainname.com (available)
  2. howtoflipdomainnames.com (available)
Website Review of dontworkanotherday.com


  • Domain age: 2019
  • Content management system: Wordpress 5,8
  • Plug-ins: Site Kit by Google, Yoast SEO,
  • Monetisation methods: Google adsense, Mediavine
  • Indexed pages: 349
  • Organic monthly traffic: 67000
  • Organic keywords: 49000
  • Backlinks: 5000
This domain name was in all probability registered from available as I can't find a listed sale. At first glance dontworkanotherday.com seems like one of those " get rich quick " type sites. Straight away I'm looking for the brand logo and it's rather obscurely located in the middle of the header in a weirdly coloured Times New Roman style. Zero trust for the logo. Even considered leaving the website straight away (known in S.E.O. circles as the dreaded bounce). Not a big fan of the dark blue background either. I like that there's no advertisement at the top of the web site. That just looks so spammy. Next thing I notice is the posts, none of which are dated on the main page and all seem to be using generic free stock images. There's no drop-down menu, just four not-that-obvious tabs:
  1. Make money
  2. Investing
  3. Save money
  4. About
349 indexed pages isn't really a good indicator of anything because you don't know how many pages are on the website (without advanced research of the sitemap txt file, which I didn't do). I like to see if a web site is included in Google news results, and to my surprise this site is included. In fact it has 273 articles listed in Google news results. This website ranks prominently on Google for some really impressive keywords and gains a large amount of traffic from them:

Keyword: cheap foods
Monthly traffic: 22,200
Google U.S. rank: 3rd
Estimated visits: 1900

Keyword: cheapest food
Monthly traffic: 22200
Google U.S. rank: 3rd
Estimated visits: 19500

Keyword: free money apps - featured snippet
Monthly traffic: 3600
Google U.S. rank: 1st
Estimated visits: 908

Keyword: flipping furniture
Monthly traffic: 1900
Google U.S. rank: 3rd
Estimated visits: 600

Keyword: 40 000 a year is how much an hour
Monthly traffic: 22200
Google U.S. rank: 6
Estimated visits: 600

I really love this last keyword search " 40 000 a year is how much an hour " because it can easily be scaled. " 20 000 / 30 000 / 40 000 / 50 000 ....... a year is how much an hour ". Top of the posts pages is an e-mail subscription box which probably gets many sign-ups and I personally like it, although it's terrible for S.E.O. The actual posts are extremely low quality and stuffed to high heaven with keywords. Very very disappointed in that (and so easy to beat). I like that the post displays a " last updated " date. That's very clever and smart S.E.O. First post I read " Final Thoughts On Getting Paid To Listen To Music " is 2800 words, broken into neat chunks with clear headings, images and relevant advertisements. The table of contents for each post uses a cool Wordpress plug-in https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-table-of-contents/ but it's collapsed as default to not sure if good for S.E.O. or the reader. All-in-all it's a very mixed bag. Clearly a one-man-band job by someone who seems to be switched on about money but switched off about digital marketing and web site design in 2022.

So how does it make money?

There's a column placement for advertisements from mediavine.com and also a footer ads placement, which rather cleverly is a sticky, so it shows up at the bottom of every page. In the guide to domain flipping post https://www.dontworkanotherday.com/guide-to-domain-flipping I counted minimum 20 advertisements. The site owner is likely to be earning a huge chunk of income from these many types of obvious and not-so-obvious advertisements contained in his long-form keyword-stuffed blog posts which are ranking very high on your favourite search engine.

If you liked or disliked this review please post in comments. Tell me what I should add or take away for the next review, or if you think the entire idea stinks and I'm just a con-artist biding my time to make a fast buck.

  • dontworkanotherday.com
  • namebio.com
  • wordcounter.net
  • archive.org
  • hosterstats.com
  • builtwith.com
  • google.com
  • wordpress.org
  • keywordseverywhere.com
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