How do you monetize gambling traffic today

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  1. marly

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    Okay in the good old days fabulous was number for this type of traffic, but not anymore.

    My is 100% from Europe.

    Parking providers with a google feed, definately a no no, because google does not send these type of ads to parked pages.

    I tried to apply to and because I'm not in the USA I cannot be accepted ( is this correct or how the hell do you approved there). The reason for is that they supple a yahoo/bing feed and hopefully gambling ads do better than a google feed.

    I tried to find a parking provider with yahoo/bing feed. but with no luck. Skenzo has not gotten back to me to approve my account.

    Now here is something interesting, Facebook's into gambling. Facebook Audience Network .The problem here is they are not accepting mobile sites at the moment only apps. ( a large part of my traffic is mobile).

    Lastly I don't trust affiliate programs when it come to gambling.

    any thoughts..
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  2. Seventy

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    Plenty of affiliate programs that are trust worthy and by far one of your best option for gambling traffic.

    What kind of volumes are you working with?
  3. Kuffy

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    I used to promote an online casino. I picked up a whale, and I made £2,500 per month for 3 months. It shocked me, because I was on 25% commission, so he must have been losing £10,000 per month.
  4. Kuffy

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    Thanks for starting this thread. I had a look through my portfolio, and I see I still have 5 names that could be used for casino promotions. They include which is probably not worth a lot as a name, but could be used as a primary name for a casino promotion business.

    I'll see if I can sign up with the old casino I used and see how I get on.
  5. mantra

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    Any good programs for US-based?

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