How do you convince (Motivate,educate) end users to buy your domain.

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    I am doing outbound from last 2 months and i saw in my most of domains end user is really interested.But sometimes i felt, we have to educate end user for domains, It means we have to show the benefits of domain,that justify our asking price for domains.
    Benefits i show them - Google Searches, CPC, exact match domain as your brand, .com for globally accepted extension, email squatting.
    Can anyone please brief, which impact-full benefits ,we should show to end user for educate them and how?( there are very less thread about benefits of domain on namepros, so please make it in detailed)
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    When doing outbound an initial contact should be short and to the point.

    People could get turned off when you try to “educate” them. I would save that for when they express interest and negotiation is actually under way.

    You are putting the cart before the horse. You don’t need to justify price preemptively. If you feel you do your prices are too high.

    Put yourself into the potential buyers shoes —do you want to read a salesman litany of why you must have his product the second you open an email?

    You need to do soft marketing on outbound. Anything super aggressive you will be deemed spam and never read again.
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    But i am talking about, when potential buyer is interested and they want to justification for your asking price. At that time which benefits we should show them?
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    I would also like to know how to create a justification document for my asking price?

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