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advice How do I price a for Chinese buyer?

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I own a few domains - none with any good characters. Got an inquiry on one of these domains from a Chinese buyer with a $500 offer. I turned him down and now he is asking for a price. How do I price this domain when the sales are all over the place? One NP thread showed some real crappy LLLL.coms fetching well over $1k with some going for +$2.5k. Estibot gives me a $6k estimate. Please opine. Thanks.
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All $500 offers i received by now seemed to be from low ball chinese investors. I think that is the default highest value they pay for such a domain.

You should reply your fair expected price (market value $1300 - $XXXX). If you get a reply back, you can negotiate further, otherwise, just ignore it and move on. You won't receive a higher value from these buyers. Good luck :)
You say "none with any good characters"..are we talking Western characters or Chinese characters? Do you know what letters are premium for the Chinese? Do you know which letter combinations have meanings (such as BJ for Beijing)?..All of this could come into play. First off, if it contains all Chinese premium letters then it's worth min. $1k right here on NamePros.