How Chris Snyder acquired

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    19,776 was once a publicly traded company. Elliot Silver reported in 2010 about an agreement with Domain Capital. I just learned that, a company that is publicly traded on the American Stock Exchange under ticker symbol BNX, has entered into a “sale-leaseback” agreement with domain financing company, Domain Capital. It appears that Domain Capital financed the domain … [Read more...]
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    Great domain. ‘Banks’ is also a popular surname, doing a search around Google a lot of keyword+banks websites, are because of the surname ‘banks’.

    I usually don’t like doing this in threads, so I apologies if this annoys anyone, but as it’s also a single word/key domain in finance.

    I remember when I invested in the domain name:-
    (Please no one type the domain in full).

    One of the things I said to myself was it felt like i was buying a ‘bank’.

    Thanks for posting this.
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    705 is better then ?
  4. equity78

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    That's probably a matter of opinion.
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    great podcast interview

    There is a very easy concept / vision for the domain

    Banks wont recognise that domain names are digital assets and as such are digital collateral and thus domain names can be used as collateral to lend against

    Banks . com

    Could be a digital bank that liquidates domain names instantly and could act as a digital asset pawnbroker where people could pawn domain names which would allow people that own domain names to liquidate their digital assets to pay of traditional debt a service that does not exist unless a person owns ultra premiuin domains etc

    If a comoany provided such a service it could change the world literally for those people many of which are donain name owners that are stuck in digital negative equity eg having domain name portfolios that are illiquid due to traditional banks failing to understand the digital era we live in and the digital assets owned by many that have no digital asset liquidation service

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