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    9:04 AM!/www-hotelreservations-top/p/96015483/category=0
    This Domain is ideal for the Chinese market as the extention .top is a popular chinese domain extenstion.

    Hilton Hotels are planning on building 600 hotels in China, this would be the perfect time to build a website or directory of hotels for the Chinese.

    The valuation on this domain is as follows:

    The Keywords 'Hotel Reservations' are searched for 5,400 times per month.

    The Average CPC is $7.15 per keywords,

    Which equates to $38,610 per month, times 12 months equates to $463,320.00 per annum.

    By purchacing this domain you save yourself $163,320,00 in the first year and the rest of the years are priceless as you will have a return on investment year after year.

    To re-cap the Domain is worth $463,320.00 converted to GBP £353,206.20

    Prices are correct at the time of publishing 14/11/17 Keyword Analysis provided by
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