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Hot Domains for CHEAP! UberForDrivers.com, Qnk.li and more!

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    Each domain has a sell price of $20!

    NAMECHEAP.com domains.
    - A cool, hip, Japanese inspired domain. I initially had it as a shopify store to sell Japanese/anime clothing but not anymore.

    - I made a simple website and attached a click-bank offer on there. However, it's a great redirect domain and I'm sure someone can find some good use for this.

    - Just like the domain above, this is a perfect redirect domain for people using CPA offers or any astrology affiliate programs.

    - The sole purpose for me buying this domain was for me to use it with the uber affiliate program for signing up drivers and you make money. But, you can't use uber's name in domains for those offers. However, you can make a standard blog and have that banner showing on this website. It just can't be used as a redirect. VERY good domain. Make some money from signing drivers up and free rides from people using your referral code.

    - Nice, short domain you can use for url shorteners...or whatever creative thing you have in mind.

    NAME.com domains.

    - The name says for itself. Anything anime related.

    - Cyber fans...Cyber Punk fans..it's speaks for itself.

    - This is one of those domains what would be great to have that's filled with information about insurance and also having affiliate programs on there. PPC and CPA offers would work great.

    Each domain has a sell price of $20!

    Please check WHOis for all the information when they expire. Most are from August to December. Payments I accept are Paypal and Skrill.
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