Hiring a broker to buy you a domain name?

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    Pros and cons on hiring a broker to buy a certain name. I get that it is their business and might know a trick or two that earns their fee. But, doesn't it signal that you are a motivated buyer, have money and that the name you want is valued at least a decent amount by you, the buyer?
    Granted the seller is not going to sell for $500 a $50K name if you contact him privately.... Thoughts?

    At what domain price point would you hire one?
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    Pretty much similar to the pros and cons of hiring a professional for anything really. You could, in theory, pull your own teeth for example, only it's not recommended.

    If you're not a motivated buyer send a $500 offer to the owner, why hire a broker?

    Anything over $5k I would say, though it's usually a function of at what price point would the broker like to get involved than the other way around.
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    1. Expertise
    2. Privacy
    3. Save time
    4. Handholding
    5. Dodge headaches of dealing with the other side
    6. Less emotional responses from sassy buyers/sellers
    7. Persistent followups with both sides that helps close deals
    8. Buyers will think sellers with a broker are more professional
    9. Both sides know that offers can be negotiated and countered instead of running away from ludicrous offers

    1. Brokers are glorified assistants that get paid like CEOs.
    2. Brokers want to sell as high as possible to earn more, but that can foil deals.
    3. Sellers will think buyers with a broker have more money

    Greater than or equal to $10,000.

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