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    I have custom software to mine the abyss (unregistered domains) for the best of the available .coms

    You can use any of my database word lists I have or you can provide your own.

    I can also do wordlist1.txt+wordlist2.txt to check all available combinations or all 5 letter .coms in a certain pattern e.g. or etc..

    Maybe I end up working with one person or fifty, I don't know.

    Offer good until further notice.

    Price is 10 cents per available domain name meeting your criteria. For example, maybe we run 20,000 searches but only 28 are returned as something you can register today. In this case, you pay just $2.80 for the service.

    You can visit for more info, my dedicated site for all things domains is:

    PM me with your needs. If I can't accommodate, I will let you know.
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