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Jesse Gilbert

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I just got this today.

I think there is potential with wordpress and pinterest to post pictures of teens in costumes.

Maybe sharing on facebook too and having people add their pics as part of a contest or something.
As far as revenues there are a number of ways to monetize.

Printable Kids Halloween Activities. Includes Puzzles, Mazes, Halloween Games, Math Worksheets, Coloring Pages And Much More. Ideal For Home Or School. Popular With Parents And Teachers. Keep Children Busy And Happy This Halloween!

Be Part Of A New Niche On CB And Start Making Money With A Product Who Has Less Than 0.1% In Refunds. 60% In Commissions And The Best Part Is That There Are Thousands Of Users Looking For This On Search Engines: Ironman, Halo, Robocop, Predator.

I also see potential with the uniforms market if the user can pull opt-ins.

I was paid once by a company in a different industry $80k for leads and they also work in uniforms leads.

The owner of might be able to get opt-in info and then request that users submit any requests for uniforms for work or organizations they are a part of. I can give this info as part of the deal.
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To me you have to choose between young teens and old teens. A 12 year old looks at Halloween totally different than a 17 year old. Development with pumpkin coloring pages wont appeal to the 17 year looking for cool costume ideas to wear at the high school dance or drinking party.

Related teens sales don't really help with value as most are adult

The much better reseller sold for $211 So that gives a clue to the teen version. Good Luck