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    The rules for NamePros are laid out in sections and sub-sections of corresponding forums. Each main forum has its own set of rules.

    Each rule has a question and answer to assist everyone in understanding the meaning of the rule and why it has been implemented.

    Click the guillemet (») next to the section title and you will be brought to the section FAQ.

    To understand each rule without confusion, it’s advisable to open the FAQ thread in a new tab or window and switch back and forth.

    For example, rule 2.2 is covered in the 2nd question on the Discussion FAQ. Clicking on 2.2 itself will not take you to the FAQ, it will merely take you to rule 2.2 on the page. That is placed there so that anyone may use the anchor links to point you in the right direction.

    When provided a link from a staff member or member that believes you broke a specific rule, and you are unsure of what that is, click the guillemet (») at the top of that section for an in depth FAQ. If it still not understood, ask a staff member for clarity so that the FAQ can be updated.
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Page Status:
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