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    This isn't the first time I've done this, but after two golf courses in my area closed in the last few months, I decided to write an obituary for golf. Just Google "is golf dead" if you want to read all about it. As it turns out golf is unquestionably a dying:xf.frown: sport/game. It's because I'm in the process of creating and branding a new game that's similar to golf, that I really need to get the word out about golfs demise.

    So I get to thinking, who killed golf? From all the research I've done, I determined golf most likely committed suicide:dead: How so? For starters, it takes too long, it's too expensive and mostly old farts like me play the game. I checked to see if the domain GolfisDead was available, and someone I guess in China owns it, but not using it? So then I checked to see if GolfDied was available, and it was. Now this is unusual for me...i texted a half dozen of my friends and all I said was, "GolfDied:hungover:" with an icon similar to this. Responses I got back;
    "????", "WTF", "Who Died"....actually, it was the kind of reaction i was hoping for.

    Then to further test the viability of GolfDied.com, I went to my local hardware store and asked the clerk waiting on me if he'd read in the obit's today that "golf died" to which he said, "what?", and the couple behind me in line were listening so intently, they too questioned my declaration giving me an opportunity to explain.

    I got such a response, that as soon as I got home "GolfDied(.)com" became mine along with "HereLiesGolf" which will be on the the tombstone logo that I'll have prepared this week.

    You might say this was sort of my "radio test" that so many of the professional domainers trust. What do you say? Test before you buy? Have a great week everyone....Fore:xf.rolleyes:
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