GoDaddy changes security rules for high value domains

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  1. MapleDots

    MapleDots Top Contributor VIP

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    Godaddy has changed the rules on what they consider high value domains.

    I got this notification this morning and even though I have the following turned on for all my domains...

    1. Security code on call in.
    2. Two step verification
    3. Google Authenticator

    They still deem it necessary to increase security on what they think are ultra high value domains.

    So I can say I have a lot of domains at godaddy but they deemed only one to fall into this higher value evaluation.

    Did anyone else get the email and what domain qualified?
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  2. Future Sensors

    Future Sensors 78% of human domainers will be replaced by robots Gold Account

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    Just got such an email as well for a .org domain. This happens to be a developed website at the moment.

    Don't exactly know what their algo is...
  3. wwwulff

    wwwulff Top Contributor VIP

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    I have also received the email and they mention 4 names that all relate to coin and crypto - My best name and what they themselves value highest is not mentioned and that´s a little strange
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  4. Magul

    Magul White Bread is Head VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    1,110 has 2 factor authentication PLUS IP Whitelisting.
  5. Future Sensors

    Future Sensors 78% of human domainers will be replaced by robots Gold Account

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    Funny. The .org domain in question shows an extremely low Godaddy valuation of USD 275, and their algo sends out this email for that domain. I don't trust this free gift, and I've started a transfer-out. This is what happens when you unlock the domain.

    Screenshot_2021-05-14 Domain Manager.png

    Screenshot_2021-05-14 Domain Manager(1).png

    Screenshot_2021-05-14 Here's the password for changing your domain settings.png
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  6. tonyk2000

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    I've got this email for something that I knowingly allowed to expire. Still renewable. No, I do not need it for any purpose. My GD drops of similar nature are normally grabbed by hugedomains...
  7. oldtimer

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    In my opinion it never hurts to have extra security for certain domains,

    But, it might be better if they let us choose which domains we want the extra security to be applied to instead of them doing it automatically.

    Also the only true security is for them to text the temporary password to our phone in case the email on the account has already been compromised.

    I believe that all registrars should also allow us to choose a family member for survivorship on the account who can have full authority over the account (only after our death) and who has been verified and authenticated far in advance.
    (this is different than account executive)

    PS: it might not be a good idea to post any of your actual domain names in this thread.

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  8. bmugford

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    I was puzzled when I received this email, and even more puzzled by what their system deemed as "high value" domains. It seemed rather random.

  9. Samer

    Samer Top Contributor VIP

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    they always made it tough to get out if they deem the domain “high value” no expedite xfer

    I cringe at new Godaddy rule changes, i expect the transfer process to be more cumbersome.
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  10. DirkS

    DirkS VIP

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    Noticed it when I was transferring some names earlier today. It's annoying as these messages go to the registrant so when you're managing names registered in a client's name 1 hour is a short window.

    Maybe I missed an announcement but it would have been nice to get a notice in advance so I could've anticipated.

    I guess it does add a tiny extra level of security though. It doesn't mention you'll need a code for changing registrant data which would be my biggest concern. Anybody tried that?

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