"Go Big Or Stay In Bed" ... Coach Speech Phrases

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    Like the American Idiom "Go Big or Go Home" used for mogul ski jumping or big surf and big wave conditions, "Go Big or Stay in Bed" is almost as powerful a statement.

    One of the biggest sports idioms that I luv by Coach K of the Duke Blue Devils is "Next Play".....I use this cheap psychology on the golf course after a bad shot (like every other shot:xf.rolleyes:). Etibot appraises NextPlay for 53K, and I think it's worth every penny.

    Any domainers create, register or buy idioms? According to Wiki, there are thousands of idioms. I believe I may have a few in my portfolio. Anyone else?

    A friend told me that GoBigOrStayInBed™ should be registered for a Mattress company. Could you see Tom Brady or some other big celebrity staying in bed and missing practice?

    Any idiots idioms in your portfolio?
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    Did you see any reports of 6 word phrase selling
    Let's check
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    NameLlama...first, are you aware there are exceptions to every rule? Second, are you also aware the six words in the domain "idiom" "GoBigorStayinBed" has just 16 letters? How about the fact that there are plenty of 4-6 word domains that have sold for thousands of dollars? Take for example the idiom, "OnceinaBlueMoon" - five words and 15 letters is valued at GD for $2,868? "GoBigorGoHome" is also five words and 13 letters, and is valued at $3,900. Then you have "AttheDropofaHat", six words, 15 letters, and the owner of this domain is asking $14,888.

    NameLama, I started this thread to discuss "idiom" domain investing where few if any of the rules typical domainers go by apply...remember, there are exceptions to every rule. Another idiom domain I just purchased is similar to BeTheBall (which is far better name than DicksSportingGoods, imho). You might also notice I already have a buyer in mind for "GoBigorStayinBed", something a coach might say to a player. Did you even understand my example of Tom Brady and the mattress commercial? Do you even know who Tom Brady is?

    I also have a buyer in mind for BeTheBait. Any idea who that might be?

    Finally, you asked rather sarcastically, "did you see any reports of six word phrase selling?"
    Answer, Yes I Did:xf.rolleyes:
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