auction GirlSeven.com

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Registrar : Epik.com
Expires On : 2022-01-08

Start: $1
Inc. $1 or more
Bin: $ 100
Auction Ends: BIN or 111 hours after the last bid
Payment: PayPal or Bitcoin, within 24 hours
Transfer: Push or AUTH

"Trades will be considered as long as the total value meets or exceeds the BIN price - Message to discuss/negotiate prior to posting SOLD"

Why this is valuable, Comparable domains sold :
GIRLCAMS.COM last sold for $16,000 on 2006-11-25 at Moniker
GIRLSONLY.COM last sold for $15,250 on 2009-02-11 at Moniker
SEVENSTREET.COM last sold for $14,950 on 2017-05-09 at Uniregistry
SPORTSEVENTS.COM last sold for $9,900 on 2017-11-02 at Sedo
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