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    I will also contact GoDaddy separately, but thought I'd raise this here in case others are also seeing the same.

    @Joe Styler

    Please see the following screenshot, showing a your bid failed message when I try to place a bid.


    The above issue has happened several times recently. I used to get it on and off but the last few days it has happened frequently.

    I put a bid in with 30 seconds to go and it popped up. I then quickly refreshed the page and at around 15 seconds left tried bidding again but the same thing happened. I ended up losing the auction as my bid couldn't be registered.

    Has this been happening to anyone else here recently?
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    Seems like a spotty internet connection. We take your bid on the UI and try and connect to the auction servers with that bid. We won't respond positively unless you hit the servers and get a response. So what I am saying is your computer knows about the bid but the auction/ GoDaddy doesn't the internet is not getting your bid to us or not getting it to us in time. A spotty internet connection or very slow internet connection, or some issue with the ISP or something along the way on the network is the most likely cause of this issue.

    Your refreshing the screen and seeing the timer is independent of our servers. The web interface knows the time of the auction and when it should end. It will not however show you as winner or loser until it gets a successful connection back to our servers to check on the auction status.

    There could be other scenarios but that is the most likely from what you are describing.
  3. Dave

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    @Joe Styler

    I can assure you I did not have a spotty internet connection. I was at home and I have an extremely fast and stable connection. My internet connection was absolutely fine with everything else.

    The ugly truth is that GoDaddy's software is riddled with bugs. Sometimes I'm not able to login or I have to login twice, sometimes I can't place bids on auction, sometimes I can't accept or push domains.

    I'm not the only one who has reported such issues and I doubt I'll be the last. I know there is another thread on this very forum reporting all sorts of similar issues.

    How about the fact that this happened to me several times in the last few days?

    Trust me. It isn't a connectivity problem. I'm still able to do everything else internet wise except place a bid on GoDaddy. .
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