Established Gaming Website for offer (est. 2004, 60k revenue in past 10 years)

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Hi Guys,

I'm considering selling my gaming website that I started back in 2004. Reason is that revenue is declining since a couple of years which I believe is a direct result of me not updating the website actively for 5 - 6 years now. I'm thinking it will not improve unless some effort is put in it again (for which I don't have time as my life changed a lot since 2004).

Some facts:

  • Established in 2004
  • Published on a keyword-matched .COM
  • Running only Google Adsense. Adsense allows only 10 years reporting of data. But revenue is well over €60.000 in 10 years.
  • All content is unique; about 600 pages.
  • Custom built website, custom CMS.
  • Almost 2200 backlinks
  • About 60k visitors last year.

I'm looking for an interested party willing to continue and boost the website. I have proof of the facts stated above and I'm willing to show the numbers in a zoom/teams/meet call.

PM me to discuss details but please only if you've got an serious offer. Looking to get around 7,5k.
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Last one year revenue and traffic stats month wise break up (up to March 2023)
It would help having the actual website name....
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