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I came across this SEC filing from GAME PLAN HOLDINGS, INC. about the domain name which was acquired by them in 2013, fellow blogger TNT Names talks about the press release but I don't believe the sale price was known at that time.

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As consideration for the sale of the Domain Name, Purchaser shall provide Seller with the following:

a. Cash. A single cash payment of $20,000.00 (U.S. Dollars) (“Cash Payment”) payable upon execution of this Agreement which shall be nonrefundable; and

b. Stock. 150,000 shares of Purchaser’s common stock (the “Shares”). In the event the Seller has not sold Shares prior to 18 months from the date of this Agreement, then the Seller shall have the option of putting those unsold Shares to the Company at the price of $1 per share which shall be payable 18 months from the date of this Agreement (the “Put Option”). Such notice must be provided in accordance with the terms of this Agreement no later than 18 months from the date of this Agreement (the “Put Expiration”). In the event no notice of exercise is provided prior to the Put Expiration, then the Seller shall have elected to sell the Shares in the market and the Put Option shall expire.


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Nice of example of equity share in domain sale. There's always options when closing a deal.

Will be exciting to see if this equity trade pays off.