Free Whois Script with BS4 + JQuery + PHP ~ 1000tlds

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    Updated old script.
    Free open source php whois script with lots of tlds..

    Used Fatfree Framework ->
    Whois Server Lists copied from here ->

    Demo Here:



    How to install?
    Just upload whois folder... Chmod 777 tmp folder if not autocreate
    PHP 5.6+ but you can prefer php 7...

    Supported TLDs (For full list visit github page)
    abogado, ac,,,,,,,,,,,,,, academy, accountants, actor, ad,, adult,, ae, aero, af, ag, agency,,,, airforce, allfinanz, alsace,, am,, android, apartments, aquarelle, archi, army,,,, as, asia,,,, associates, at,, attorney, au, auction, audio,, aw, ax, band, bank, bar, barclaycard, barclays, bargains, bayern,, be, beer, berlin, best, bg, bi, bike, bingo, bio,, biz,, bj,, black, blackfriday, blue, bmw, bnpparibas, boo, boutique, br,, brussels, budapest, build, builders, business, bw, by, bz, bzh, ca, cab, cal, camera, camp, cancerresearch, canon, capetown, capital, cards, care, career, careers, casa, cash, casino, cat, catering, cc, cd, center, ceo, cern, cf, ch, channel, chat, cheap, christmas, chrome, church, ci, city, cl, claims, cleaning, click, clinic, clothing, club, cn,,,, co,,,,,,,,,, ......................
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