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If you make a sale and the seller or middle person reaches out to you then, think about what opportunities that can open up for you.

Here are 2 examples from my experience this week:

1- Buyer of one domain let me know that if I had other similar domains I should let them know. That is a potential source for another buy-I may or may not find something else to sell them, but they've already done business with me and, to a certain degree, trust me. So I will keep in touch with them very sporadically. It's important to note that they were the ones that reached out after the initial sale, not me pushing more domains on them.

2- The sale of my third end-user domain, came from an outbound email followed by a marketing representative calling me on their behalf. That followed a series of emails, one of which included their marketing website link. I visited the link and realized that they market to various professionals (lawyers, and all sorts of doctors). So I sent back a short email letting them know that I sometimes have domains that may be appropriate for a few of their target professionals. After the sale was completed, they sent me an email saying they had visited my site and would be keeping my number. I don't know whether they will remember beyond tomorrow, but for them, I also will keep in touch very sporadically.

Lastly, here is something new that I just started doing: if I see contact info on the who-is search other than the domain owner I'm trying to reach, I check out their site to see what they do. If they do any kind of online marketing for business, and I suspect they might also be selling/leasing domain names as part of their services, and I happen to have a domain or two that may be appropriate, I will send them a short email about the domains, the price and mentioning a possible discount on each if they buy both. Don't know if it will work, but won't know unless I try.

Anyway, happy Friday everyone!
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