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auction - Domain auction 24hr (updating portfolio) GD value -$5,714



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Auction for domains:

Buy all now starting bid -
Increments of $50
(Domains will be auctioned individually unless a buy all bid is placed. If someone places a bid for all of the domains then the highest offer for all domains will be the winner.)

Individual domains -

Bidding Starts at: $50 or more
Increment: $5 or more
Auction ends: 24hrs from 12:30 (GMT+1)
Auction end 12:30 (GMT+1) 20/01/2022
Payment: Paypal or Online Transfer (UK bank) within 24 hours of auction winning.

Godaddy domains - ------ flipping business (/websites/houses etc.)

GD- $1,260 ------- Tree house building company/ blog

GD- $1,096 ------- money-making blog

GD- $1,222 ------- many uses inc blog

GD- $1,178 ------- VR store/VR app store

GD- $327 ------- VR studio/shop

GD- $161 -------- VR forum/blog

GD- $171 ------- Electronics/gym

GD- $196 ------- Electronics/gym

GD- $103

Total value appraisal from Godaddy -

- $5,714

Good luck to all bidders, please feel free to message me with any questions :)
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