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    I'm an amateur domainer re-entering the market in his retirement. Some of my advice may be out of date, and other NP memebrs may be able to improve on my suggestions. Please comment or correct me if I make any mistakes, but I'd be grateful if posters could refrain from turning this thread into a sales thread for their own names. The object of the excercise is to try to find a domain name that is available for reg fee, and is likely to turn a small profit. I'm only going to look at .com names without hyphens or numbers. I'm aware that this rules out a lot of potentially profitable names, but deviating from keyword .coms involes some other discussions, and I felt it would complicate the thread for a newcomer to the domain name world.

    The first thing to do is to find a niche to search. This needs to be topical and profitable. Look at newspapers, google search trends and youtube to find topical issues. Potentially profitable is a bit more complex. There are quite a few factors involved. US, UK and European surfers can generate higher value clicks than those from undeveloped countries. You should also focus on english keywords if english is your first language. If you are not fluent in english, then be especially careful when selecting a keyphrase. Just putting a couple of dictionary words together will not generate a profitable key phrase.

    So lets select a few topics that I think are current. The big news at the moment is president elect Trump, Brexit and the disintegration of the EU, Bitcoin, The decline of the bee population and other environmental issues. I ruled out the political topics as they are harder to monetise. Also I skipped over the bee issue as I felt that traffic would have a lower value. Bitcoin and Forex has some potential, but those are massively popular names, and a quick scan led me to think that it wouldn't be easy to find a good name. So that seems to have ruled out everything, so I reviseted the list for inspiration. Looking at the broader aspects of the Trump/Brexit topics, I came to the conclusion that the growing crisis in banking had some possibilies, and the big issues that are going to hit millions of people are debts and loans.

    So off we go to hunt for names.
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    Normally I would hit google trends first for some ideas, but as both debtr and loan are very old established seaches, then name availablity is probably the most significant factor.
    My first visit was to and I hunter for names beginning or ending with loan(s) and debt(s). I applied a few filters, but didn't manage to come up with anything.

    My next site to use for searching was You'll notice that I'm using the members area. Membership is free, and you get a lot more filtering options as a member. I think it's worth joining, and so far I haven't found any downside to membership. After a bit of searching and filtering, I noticed that had dropped. I checked and found that it was still available.

    Now I need to make a fed checks. The first one is a simple Google search for the exact phrase. That was very encouraging. The results page has 4 paid adverts on it, so advertisers are prepared to pay for my traffic. The other useful stat was the page count in the results - it's just over 5,000, so there isn't a massive amount of competition to beat. At this point I decided to register the name - I have quite a few disappointments in the past where I have lost a dropped name because I have spent too much time on research.

    I checked to see if was hosted, and I saw that Buy Domains owns it, and were offering it for sale at a price of $3,896.20. I then looked at Google search trends, and I found that "declined loan" got twice as many searches as "declined loans". Now the next stage is to see if there are any historic problems with the name, and to get them cleaned up if there are any. Also, I need to host the domain, and put a holding page on it. I can then add Google analytics to see what the traffic is like. I can review the traffic, and the current situation in a month or so, and then put the name up for sale.

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