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FFMPEG Installer

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After taking a look at the GoDaddy VPS pages, I can install it for you without needing to do it through a control panel like Plesk, Cpanel, DirectAdmin, etc.. All I'd need is shell access to set it up. If you did have one of those control panels, you'd be able to install it yourself very easily. I could point you in the right direction if I know which one you have.

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Thanks for your reply.
As I posted in my thread I want you to install FFMPEG to run MP3 Site.
This is the response I received from Godaddy Support..

After reviewing your server we found that cURL is already installed and active for PHP at this time and is functional when used in SSH. We will not be able to install FFMpeg on your Virtual Dedicated server. FFMpeg is an extremely resource intensive application.

What I need is Installation of FFMPEG.


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But it is not against the TOS. They are not saying "NO" they are advising that if you use too much server resources, they will warn you to slow it down. Been there, done that. I have run FFMPEG on Godaddy VPS and unless you have heavy traffic, it is fine. It is fine for development and testing, but production should use dedicated.

Isn't rocket science to install; you can do it yourself even:

So, either hire someone to do it or close the thread.

Just a hint, don't hire a domainer to manage linux, hire a Linux Administrator and programmer that has experience with FFMPEG-PHP... which is what you need in addition to FFMPEG. Would you hire a baker to do your electrical work? No, you hire an electrician.
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I don't see any exclusive domainers in this thread. If you're talking about me you're greatly in error.

I'm a systems administrator, a software engineer, a database engineer. I can configure Apache or nginx. I'm great with MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, and Redis. I have extensive familiarity with ffmpeg, codecs, mplayer, ffmpeg-php, imagemagick, id3. I develop using best practices OOP, MVC, unit testing, dependency injection. I'm a WordPress developer, and have written several plugins. I have familiarity with the latest frameworks including CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony2, and Laravel.
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