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    to say you have a "feel" for something means it comes naturally. Ever since being introduced to this industry in November of 2017 it seems that names are always on my mind. Do you think you have a "feel" for names or domains? I think it's in my genes/bones, so much so I reg'd two domains this am one having to do with "Domain Feel", and the other having to do with "Name Feel"

    I know many of the "old timers" here don't believe 50 years of naming businesses, pets, boats etc. counts, but i beg to differ. I've also said with practice you can get better every day.

    I once was a newbie here a few years ago, and many an "old timer" didn't think I would make it. I don't know if any of you saw the "The Founder" about Ray Kroc and McDonalds, but he attributes his success to simply "persistence" He really didn't get started until he was 52 years old and he flirted with BK several times.

    If you're fairly new, but feel you have talent, don't ever give up or let anyone discourage you. There are way to many good domains available to throw in the towel. I have the name part of this business down and my focus is now more on selling domains, and that too shall improve with persistence, practice and passion. Good Luck!
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    There are times you find what you thought was a popular term isn't or find a word combo actually gets a lot less traffic type in than another that is also available. eg adult+keyword vs porno+keyword if keyword same adult will out rank it every time. So having a feeling is great but still need to think what else of strength is available. Brands well that is all that feeling.
    The movie mentioned had a fictional side where everyone was okay with how the business was taken.
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    Having a "feel" will be proven with results.

    If you are turning a profit, keep doing what you are doing.
    If you are not, maybe time to re-evaluate what you are doing.

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    That makes sense. About a year ago I kept hearing "Incredible this and Incredible that" on TV, the News in Movies and about every where I went. So what do I do? I register about 50 domains like IncredibleVegas,
    IncredibleBreasts, IncredibleMilk, etc.. Of course I was thinking I'd find the time to market the names to the industries I reg'd them for, but I never found the time. It's sort of like being a great receiver in football, but if no one ever throws to you, no one would ever know it.

    I let all but a few of those "incredible" domains expire, but I got on another "feeling" today with the descriptive word "Comfort". I went through my process of "feeling" what combination of words go well with "Comfort", and I came up with about a dozen, and I'll share just three names that I've yet to register, but may before the end of the day; ComfortNames, ComfortMasque and ComfortWallet. Lock, I have a vision for the use of all the names I register, but like with my "incredible" domains, I need for them to be in front of the appropriate "end user":xf.wink: Like Brad said...the proof is in the sales, and this time around I can smell success due due to my practice, my persistence and my passion. It's these attributes that turn "feeling" into
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    Try to combine the law of attraction with your process of feeling ! it may give better results !
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