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Hello! I have a question why not showing all pages of deleted .com domains?

Yesterday, i was trying to finding a .com domains on expired and i set few filter after that total pages was 900 but when i reached page#401 then i click on next page button then i received error message "You have reached the maximum pages limit" why i can't see all pages of 900?

Thank you!
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It's a nice way to learn programming.

It is about recognizing patterns in that huge list of garbage domains. Regular expressions are extremely suitable for this.
Thank you bro.
I was finding domains on with manually and i completed 400 pages in 4 hours.
Thank you bro.
I was finding domains on with manually and i completed 400 pages in 4 hours.
The hard part is getting the good ones for a decent price, nowadays.
You can do a lot for free at ED...I try to remember how much they provide and how much they charge...Then suddenly, I find the will to make an extra query or two to achieve my requirements.
Because i here attach file option not available so i posted there.

My filter are:
Max chracter: 12
Tld: .com
last 24 hours
Available domains
No hyphen
No number
no cons hyphen
Number of domains per page: 25

So i need to upgrade my system, because my laptop or cell phone not able to show all these pages?
You need to learn how to use the filters better.
You can use only characters, which is the same as no hyphen etc.
You can also choose to show 200 domains on a page.

What is the end purpose of the domain?
This will help you search better.
If it’s for say a parking domain, you may want to look at things like search volume, cpc and backlinks.
If it’s to build on, then you may want to look at how long the domain has been around and the number of archived pages.
None of these things make a domain more valuable than another, but they can help you to narrow down your list from junk to less junk.
There is a very good post somewhere on namepros, so do a search on how to use expired domains!
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