Expected future of 4LLLL .com domains.

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    Now see wherein your logic lies. If you really think i said you were new and didnt know anything, how can I or anyone take you serious with your LLLL analysis? I just looked at LLLL sales from few months ago and nothing much has changed, there are no steep declines from then to now.
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    I appreciate all your input. Thanks guys. I will watch and see how it goes. Good luck to all us 4L holders.
  3. Nem0

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    I'd rather sell a worth 200+ on NP for $190 than selling it at an auction platform like Godaddy where I would maybe net $160 after their 20% commish is taken.
  4. wwwweb

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    9,046 the garbage ones are being sold under $200 right now, in closed sale deals.

    As mentioned the Chinese pumped this market, for reasons outside of domaining, the goal was to secure currency devaluation against their dollar, and to secure real estate offshore, most of them never cared 2 SH**ts about domains.

    Don't get overly bullish on, the few that sell for large dollars, are few, and far between.

    Talk to a big portfolio holder outside the asian market pre 2014, and ask them the sell thru % of their 4L to end users.

    Unless you own a portfolio of half decent 4L's in the few hundred, for many years, you don't understand the dynamics of this market outside the Chinese hoopla.

    They had everyone fooled, and many are thankful to them for the opportunity.

    What do you think the guy with 2000 chips is doing with them after he paid $2K each for them, developing them? No, simply renewing them, and quoting people, and corporations crazy prices, which are quickly declined.

    I don't know why people don't understand chips could be bought for $15-25 back in 2013

    The dynamics of the chip has not changed for end users, or corporations not operating in China. This is a domainer pay for play market.
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  5. prokol

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    I think you are too pessimistic. People are crazy. There is a zero value in bitcoins, a zero value in the pictures of so-called abstractionists. Everyone can paint such staff in few minutes and what? Crazy people continue to buy it for millions dollars.
  6. Wannabean

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    You can't just hold something you don't see value in and cling to the faint hope that 'crazy people' will come along and pay you for it.

    I mean you can, but it doesn't sound like a great business model.
  7. mwzd

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    When you say 'old guys' who specifically are you talking about? Guys who started in late 2015? have done very well by people who bought at the right time and sold at the right time.
    Maybe not as good as one word domains, but still, pretty good ROI.

    They always have been 'valuable' if you can build a business on them.
    Brandable domains of all types routinely sell for $x,xxx and LLLL.coms are no exceptions.
    Plus people will always look for short .com domains to brand their business on and that's not about to change.
    And shorter domains are more 'prestigious', which is why are $30k min, are $300k min.
    Also, by the prices above, should actually be $1k minimum.

    I think a lot of new investors are getting a reality check in general.
    Chips are not selling for as much as they expected.
    More than a few of them are facing massive renewal bills for their new tld purchases.
    And/Or are facing a LOT of upcoming drops, which has to hurt, even at reg fee.
    .Com already had a 1.9 million names drop, that's a lot of wasted $$$.

    When the truth of the matter is that a domain name either has intrinsic value, or it doesn't.
    And if a domain has inherent value, you're can make way more through development than through a sale.

    Though if you must sell, then at least takes Rick's advice and sell it, or jv with, the right end user.
    And you only need one correct end user for the domain.

    After all, not everyone knows the value of a precious stone, I even blogged about it a couple of days back -
    "What’s the value of a domain name?"
  8. gary-glen

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    Indeed! But there was a time when the market dropped! Do you remember the 4L countdown? It was at a high, then it dropped to a low, I dumped many of them for peanuts when the bottom fell out that would have sold for $xxx today! Ya gotta know when to hold them...
  9. betthelot

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    It's a hold now. The 3rd wave of a bull market is appearing on the horizon
    Getting a lot more interest and offers are slightly increasing for the first time in 12 months.
  10. Kuffy

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    I have a real problem in trying to value my 4L .coms. Take for example. It has an "X" in it, which people seem to say is bad, but it's a recognised short form of Oxford. I've had a couple of enquiries, but I got the impression that the offers would be be below $50.
  11. prokol

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    I think it is difficult to build a reliable business model on the relative speculative LLLL market. There are too much unknown variables.
  12. Steven McEvoy

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    Domainers will control the pricing of, I don't think Domainers will ever let it go under $200 imo
  13. DomainVP

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    Do yourselves a favor and stop playing the chip-flip reseller game.

    Play the end user game, much more lucrative.

    Look at what Chinese end users are paying and beware a market propped up by domainers.
  14. ChelseaDott

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    I think, maybe in future it will be of high value.
  15. Robert91

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    i don't think it has a bright future
  16. Apprich

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    Chip domains have end users.. all domains have end users.. it's up to you sell whether to end user or to your fellow domainers. It's obvious that short domains have liquid value because of limited number of combinations.
    And future is bright because of all internet assets have bright future, and also liquids will always be attractive and there is more players joining to the game everyday.
  17. Reyansh Sharma

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    I think the domain industry will only expand.

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