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    I think the biggest advice I could give from my limited experience over the years is that every domainer is different. Don’t expect to read a thread about 100 sales in a month and expect to replicate it if you can not possibly know what factors were involved in acquiring their portfolio and sales.

    Don’t get me wrong – reading through the forums and learning about different people’s approaches and pitfalls is most certainly educational and important. But, in the end you need to find your niche and tune your eyes and mind in on what you find that you can be most successful at. Everyone views domains through different lights – and with so much room for interpretation – figure out what type of domains you are tuned for or can hone in on and produce sales.

    You can ask for appraisals and opinions all day – but in the end only you will know what will make you successful. I think most people can tell you that people have told them their domain was worthless and then they have been able to sell it for 4 figures.

    Put in the time to research, take a few risks while trying to limit your initial investment and exposure on any single name, and try different things until you find what produces sales for you.

    No one can fully replicate what another person does in this industry. It is almost a form of art in which you are trying to acquire a domain that someone (or even better many someones) will have the same vision for – and be willing to pay you for holding that domain for them.

    I have done alright in domains – but I am no way a big dog. There is always more room to learn and expand your horizons. But understand that in this industry it takes a mix of luck and skill to succeed. I personally would prefer to improve my skills as I figure out what works for me - and rely less on the luck factor.

    Most people lose money when they start in domaining. My recommendation instead of losing the money, spend it on an education by diversifying your purchase strategy. Then, be patient. Domaining is a game of numbers and time and it is something you most certainly don’t want to try to rush in your first year or so.

    Good luck everyone!

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    Yep! a lot depends on your business skills, patience, web skills, mastery of english,time available, social skills, educational level, awareness of current politics etc........... We all have different levels and mixes of those assets and abilities, and I didn't even mention income and savings.
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    I would agree that utilising your existing skills and developing your own method works better than waiting for buyers to arrive. I sold a domain this morning that had a 'For Sale' sign on it for last three years . I only sold it today cause I was doing something about it for the past week. I only made $25 but hey ho its a sale!!
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    Posts like this one should be in a very visible place on NP I agree with everything you said and if I am allowed I would add a couple more things.

    Do not think that just because one name sold for a very very good price, yours ( similar ) will have the same fate.

    Do not believe everything you read...the sales...not the life changing flips. Some are real, many are not.

    Be an individual; don't follow the crowd cheering for the new ( domain ) starlet.

    If you are dealing with a fellow domainer whose business approach is "me or you" just be aware it will never be you.

    and these are holy words.

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