Epik .vc Domain extesion offer. Did you sell any?

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  1. Ariff BD

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    Recently we saw a rapid rise of registration of .vc Domain names due to the stunning offer made by Domainers found an almost 90% discount for registering .vc , which make them rushing to register as much one word and short domains they can. But many forgot that this extensions are not for universal use like .com. Because , .io/.gg/.vc extensions are used for a certain niche.

    As much we know, .vc are mostly assumed to be used for venture capital firms. However, some also believe it is a short form of Virtual related things. My personal preference for .vc extension goes to Venture Capital always.

    Although I registered some .vc domains, I tried to register only venture capital related terms such as vaccine, air taxi, e-commerce, tissue.

    But what you think of registering the name of existing venture capital firm in .vc what is available to register where the Original firm is using .com of their name?

    For example, there is a venture capital firm a16z who is using as their main website. Someone has registered to sell them.

    I know many have done such things since I have checked many VC firms name in .vc TLD is for sale & those are registered recently.

    What are the chances of getting a sale for such domain by the VC firm owner? Did anyone get such an offer yet?

    Is it a bad practice?

    Please share your experience.

    Also, we would like to see if you share any unreported .vc sale you have recently.
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  2. ocsion

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    Z7 .vc

    Sale venue: EPIK
    Sale price: $140
  3. pb

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    I tried to register 4 select names, but they lied about the discount starting at 00:00 GMT, the price actually changed only minutes later, so I kept refreshing but by the time it changed, three of these names had already been taken, probably via api if not by internal users. So I'll just sit and wait to see if any of these domains actually sell, just out of curiosity.
  4. Koray

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    Offer does not apply on premium names as usual. Also vc extension remind me go to a toilet. I wonder who offered this extension in what mood.

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